Night & day.

We asked our partners what work was like before they used TripMegaMart. And how it’s improved after switching to TripMegaMart. Hundreds replied. Wow, what a difference.

Before switching to TripMegaMart.

Our partners tried everything before switching to TripMegaMart; email, whatsapp, facebook, twitter, phone calls and texts, meeting after meeting, etc.

app icons of all the tools customers used before Basecamp

Did those tools work? Nope. Here's a taste of what our partners said when we asked them how it felt to manage business before they switched to TripMegaMart:

The previous company I worked with made both me and my laptop cry with how it took over my working life.”

-Andy Baron, ReadytoGo Tours

“I felt disorganized. Pieces of paper everywhere. I was constantly making new lists, losing old ones, crossing off items and adding new ones. I was forever worried things were slipping and not getting done. My brain was tired.

-Sandra Sasin, Start Your Journey

It was a disorganized mess with a splash of chaotic disaster. WAY too many tools that led to more balls getting dropped than work actually getting done. Once we tried to implement a project management system on top of the tools my team was about ready to slam their monitors against the post-it note covered whiteboard.”

-James Griffin, For Merry Go Journey

“I felt like I was floating in space. And, so were my projects. And, so were my people. I couldn't get a true handle on anything.

-Adam Mandran, Get Your Trip

“There were a lot of holes in our communication which led to projects being lost in the shuffle and/or not done on time. Tracking down communications and documenting tasks was nearly impossible.

-Jarrad Roskin, Greenland Travels Group

Inundated with emails - easy to lose track as people would contact via various mediums and conversations can get lost in the back and fourth”

-Garry Michael, The Paradise Tour Club

Our earlier provider was a nightmare in my opinion. It was difficult to understand and flow when conducting or even being part of a project. ”

-Bennet Sherry, Bennet World Tours

We had a hard time keeping clients on track with their to-do items - projects frequently fell behind both because of missed communication but also because there wasn't anything reminding clients of their responsibilities and the tasks they had to complete.”

-Jason Rogers, On the Way Tour World

“Before TripMegaMart it felt like sitting in a wind tunnel with projects, emails, and questions flying at you. Of course, not having any idea what may be coming next. Every team member was working alone; during catch up meetings that became very clear.”

-Maron Augstin, Elite Tour Group

Honestly, it has way too much stuff going on earlier.”

-Jeanette Regan, Get Your Trip Started Now

Stressful, impossible, difficult, overwhelming. It was honestly a hot mess. I would lose track of deadlines left and right and they would creep up on me at the last minute. As hard as we tried to stay organized we had a hard time managing our projects and work flow. When dealing with design projects for over 90 practice sites it was like getting lost in a giant corn maze.”

-Jenson Haskins, Memorable Holidays

“Endless creation and updating of lists, endless beating up already busy staff to keep lists up to date. Endless deadlines missed or client expectations let down due to simple logistical hinderance.”

-Larry Sagasta, Travel With Larry

Every week we completed a ton of tasks, but in the end, the project still felt incomplete. Trying to figure out what was missing by scrolling an infinite chat room was a fun way to reinvent the treasure hunt, but not a so nice way to manage a project. ”

-Mathew Richards, Stella Tour World

It felt like I had a million balls juggling ... not sure which one would drop, but very aware that it would. There was too many emails and attachments with different versions of projects.”

-Nancy Averton, Fly With Us Tours

After switching to TripMegaMart.

Things changed for the better once they switched to TripMegaMart. 9 out of 10 TripMegaMart partners report having a better handle on their business, 8 out of 10 say their teams are more self-sufficient, and 6 out of 10 have more bookings by agents.

Here's what partners said when we asked them what changed for the better since switching to TripMegaMart:

“Simply put, we get more work done, quicker, and better. Productivity is up. Errors are down. Clients are happier.

-Andy Gurman, Heritage Travel Group

“Execution of projects. Instead of drowning in an endless chain of emails, there is clear, and easy accountability meaning tasks actually get done!

-Rosetta Charles, Around the World Holidays

“I no longer have to wonder whether I've asked for something to be done or whether it has in fact been done. Every member of my team is more accountable than we were before TripMegaMart.

-Johannathan Kelly, Heavenly Vacations

We are consistently meeting deadlines because all the facts, files and comments are in one place. And everyone is accountable for their contribution to the project. Very user friendly.”

-Kimberly Robinson, Travel Design Studio

We now have vastly improved task assignment, follow-up and accountability as well as greatly enhanced internal communications. We have stopped using email for internal communications almost entirely.”

-Richard Charlton, Sunrise Holidays

“For the first time in a long time our team is truly collaborating, and everyone is moving in the same direction, with the same goals. It's truly remarkable how quickly things have changed in just a week.

-Robert Brandon, Live World Holidays

Having a single location for messages, files, to-dos and timeline has kept everyone on the same page.

-Kaily Bailey, Great American Holidays

I say things once instead of many times to many people.

-Gregory Benjamin, Round the Clock Travel Hub

As the business owner, I feel more connected and aware of what is going on in the office when I'm away. It's easy to see what needs to be done with deadlines and who is responsible for the task.”

-Olivia Williamsom, Ricardo Vacations

“Since we've been using TripMegaMart, our communication is drastically better and deadlines are met with minimum drama.

-Jennifer Smith, London International Travels

We have actually accomplished things that have been waiting forever to get done.

-Henry Markson, Open Skies Travel

“Everyone's on the same page. Many of our people are not very organized naturally, so TripMegaMart is a godsend.

-Smith John, Air Master Travel Agency

Our company has grown immensely in organization and efficiency. We have everything organized according to clients, projects, employees, etc., resulting in clear and concise communication amongst employees and with clients.”

-William Richard, Gloria Travel Hub

Different time-zones are no longer an insurmountable obstacle.

-White Robert, Travel and Life

“Because the platform we used previously was so cumbersome and time-intensive to maintain, we used to have a person dedicated almost exclusively to managing the marketing production workflow for our three brands. Now I spend about an hour a month setting things up, and the process manages itself.

-Elany John, Melody Travel Hub

“I've tried a million things with clients. I work really closely with them, and finding something clients will use to collaborate with me is difficult. My clients just "get" TripMegaMart, right away, and use it all the time. They like that they can use it via email. They also love that it has everything they need in one area. It's fantastic.”

-Emma Miller, Daytrip for You

We don't have to dig through a million emails anymore.

-Esabella Butler, Skylife Travels

“Before TripMegaMart, I ran my freelance web development business basically from a spreadsheet, then I moved to TripMegaMart and my business is so much less stressful. TripMegaMart has increased my happiness exponentially.

-Alice Peter, Budget Travel

“All our team communications were spread over email and random google docs. TripMegaMart helps us all stay in sync in one place.

-Devin Ricardo, Smart Holiday

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