Online Taxi/Cab Booking Mobile App for Car Rental Agencies

Taxi Booking Mobile App Features

  • Native Android App
    World Class Android app for online ticket booking through android mobile
  • Own Payment Gateway
    You will get PG of your own to get online order from your customers.
  • Admin Control
    You will get the Web Admin control of your App from where you can manage App.
  • Book Rides
    Let your customers book rides in easy steps.
  • Ride Now
    Customer can book instantly.
  • Ride later
    Customer book for a later hours.
  • Rental Option
    Rental Packages in hours.
  • Outstation package
    Outstation packages on day basis.
  • Wallet
    Customer can pay thru their wallet or cash as they wish.
  • Share App
    Customer can share the app among their friends.
  • Simplified Navigation
    In-app pickup and drop off locations help the driver navigate effortlessly.
  • Manage Drivers
    Assign rides to your drivers and keep your customers posted with real-time updates.
  • Booking History
    You can see all your booking history with full details anytime from your admin dashboard.
  • Cancellation History
    You can see all your cancellation history with full details anytime from your admin dashboard.
  • Theme Colour Choice
    You can choose your App theme colour as per your choice.
  • Ride History
    Customer can view their ride history anytime.
  • Real time Tracking
    Admin can track all his vehicles LIVE.
  • Real-Time Ride Requests
    Drivers receive all ride requests directly on Driver App.
  • Earning of Each Car
    Admin can see earning for each car.
  • Running KM of each car
    Admin can see running KM of each car
  • Add Auto/Bike also
    Admin can add category as they wish.
  • Rate Card
    Customer can view rate card of all categories.
  • Trip Management
    Let your drivers start and end rides and receive payment through the app.
  • Customer Feedback
    Ratings and Reviews help taxi business owners to improve ride experiences of customers.

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