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Why Should Travel Startups Use a Travel Portal Solutions?

A travel portal solution is not an afterthought considering that a travel agency that is not online will face extinction from an overly competitive landscape. So, a travel portal solution is a bare minimum and using a travel portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart the need of the hour. Starting small and slowly progressing to expand services has been a safe and sure option. But if the due diligence has been done, and the market research looks promising, starting big is also an option.

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Why choose Trip Mega Mart travel portal solution?

Trip Mega Mart is the front-running web portal development company for travel agencies, travel agents, airline suppliers, hotel suppliers, and reservation companies. Using the services of this company, to build a travel portal, guarantee many things. Here are some of them:

Integration ready

The online services and web services market is huge. Trip Mega Mart can create B2B & B2C travel website/portal with innumerable integrations. Flight & hotel API integration, GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel Integration, GDS Integration Service and several such integrations can be done.

There are free web services and there are paid ones. Travel agencies need not build capabilities from scratch. They can simply integrate these services into their travel portals. But some travel portals use technology that may not allow this. This is not the case with Trip Mega Mart portals. These portals are built on a framework that allows for integrations. As many of them and with a lot of variety.

Cloud ready

Startup travel agencies want cloud solutions because cloud technology is becoming prominent and universal. The cloud ecosystem is expanding. There are tremendous opportunities for providing differential services when once an application is on the cloud. So, it is a good idea to use white label travel portal development to start online travel business agency.

Services can be integrated from the cloud ecosystem from several services, and also other cloud providers. Importantly, cloud based travel portal solutions can scale. The scaling part, infrastructure, and high availability is handled by the cloud service provider.

Any type of system can be created based on the cloud. Car Rental System, Holiday Package System, Flight Booking Engine, and Hotel Booking Engine to name a few. Using the services of a travel technology company, it is possible to start travel business online based on a cloud deployed travel portal.


Travelers want their data to be confidential. But travel portal companies hardly heed to this demand. Most travel portals have very flimsy and loose encryption technologies. Improper implementation of security leads to data breaches. Traveler data is compromised. Data theft happens and sometimes transactions are sabotaged too by hackers.


Trip Mega Mart Travel Website/Portal Design & Development Company can help create digital assets that standout. At low travel website/portal development cost, travel portals can be created. The travel portals will enable travel agencies to expand their businesses without overheads. They can also create value for their customers and rope in newer customers from different travel segments.


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