B2B International Travel Portal for Travel Agencies

B2B International Travel Portal

The travel and tourism industry is a massive international behemoth that earns millions of dollars every single year. There are various sub-sectors within this industry with physical travel agency offices, online B2C travel portals, B2B international travel portals and many other variants. The entry of online travel businesses has made it very easy nowadays for anyone to become a travel entrepreneur. White label travel portal development is an easy, cheap and convenient solution to becoming a travel business owner.

White label travel portal development – start travel agency online

A white label travel portal is a pre-coded website that can be customized according to the preferences of different clients. The basic framework of the white label travel portal solution includes all the common features necessary for an online travel business.

Trip Mega Mart is a top ranked international travel portal development company. Their portals come with GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration to allow for real time flight and hotel reservation engines. These engines collect and display data from various airline suppliers and hotel suppliers so that customers do not have to visit each supplier’s page individually.

Trip Mega Mart portals can also have their own car rental systems and holiday package systems to provide a more comprehensive travel planning experience. Transactions for all these different booking engines are processed through Trip Mega Mart’s own built-in payment system. This system can process payments quickly and also has multiple safety layers to protect customer privacy.

Another major advantage of Trip Mega Mart created B2B and B2C travel portals is that they are fully scalable and multi-device optimized. The sites can cater to local/regional/international customers and they also perform equally on mobile/laptop/tablet/computers. Separate websites are not needed for these different needs.

Trip Mega Mart developers also add in some very useful admin control features to their portals. Business owners can utilize this admin access to change their content on the website after it goes live. There is no need to make any modifications to the software code to implement these changes.

B2B White Label Travel Portal


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Website design for Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions

Trip Mega Mart white label portals are all individually customized to avoid any generic looking sites. Each site has the business name and logo of the client added to it. Simple changes to the layout and colors of the website can also easily be incorporated according to the wishes of the clients.

A visually unique website is easier to market and better for brand building. But Trip Mega Mart designers prioritize usability above design aesthetics. All Trip Mega Mart portals are designed for complete intuitive usage by all kinds of users.

Cost of a travel agency software from Trip Mega Mart

Trip Mega Mart is a very affordable solution in the online travel technology industry. They have a few different pricing options to satisfy all types of clients. Small modifications can also be in the features of each plan by paying a little extra. Individual travel agent portals are also available for integration with a travel agency portal.

Clients only have to pay 25% of their basic website cost annually for the continuity of their Trip Mega Mart services.

Book a consultation with Trip Mega Mart right away to find out the exact investment amount you will need to start the travel business of your dreams.


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