B2B Travel Portal Development for Travel Agencies

What is B2B Travel Portal Development and how to choose a B2B travel portal development company?

B2B white label travel portal development is developing travel solutions for businesses. The businesses can be any party involved in travel and tour management. Travel aggregators, B2B travel agencies, B2C travel agencies, destination management companies, tour operators, independent travel agents, home based travel operators etc. are all types of travel businesses.

Travel operators, the ones who plan to start online travel business agency with Trip Mega Mart travel agency software or the established ones, may not have the same set of requirements. A destination management company could only require a specific set of travel features.

An independent travel agent would only want booking and hotel reservation modules. B2B travel agencies may want login and role based access to their travel portal features so as to allow travel agents, agencies, and travel companies to use the portal. The B2B travel agency charges a fee for usage. Using Trip Mega Mart Travel Website/Portal Design & Development Company services, such features can be built.

So, all of this demonstrates the varying needs of the travel industry with regard to B2B travel portal development. It has not always been a one-size-fits-all approach. There will be situations when customizations are needed. Travel agencies can therefore work with an able travel portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart to help them build travel portal and digital assets.

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How to choose a B2B travel portal development company?

Check their domain experience

The B2B travel portal development company should have experience in developing travel portal platforms, corporate booking tools, mobile applications etc. Check for their domain experience. Do they have strong roots in travel and tours management portals? Do they have a consulting practice? A company such as Trip Mega Mart will have strong domain experience in Travel Portal Solution development. So, this company becomes an automatic choice to help create B2B & B2C Travel website/portal.

High performance tech

A B2B travel portal development company should have a strong technological framework. It should allow for extensions and customizations. It should allow for integrations such as Flight & Hotel API integration, GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel Integration, and GDS Integration Service.

A robust travel portal from Trip Mega Mart will have integrations for any type of service. Be it Car Rental System, Flight & Hotel Central Reservation System, Holiday Package System, Flight Booking Engine, or Hotel Booking Engine, integrations will support all of these services.

The technology should be suited for cloud deployments, on-premises, and hybrid deployments. Non-functional requirements such as security, scalability, and performance should be inbuilt, so that customization personnel have little work to do in this regard.

Reduced cost

A good travel portal development company such as Tri Mega Mart can create travel solutions at reduced cost. This can be achieved using a modular software development approach. Nothing is built from scratch. Everything is either assembled or customized. Even if customized, the customizations do not require any major overhaul of the functionality.


Building a B2B travel portal solution at low travel website/portal development cost requires experience and expertise. Businesses around the world rely on Trip Mega Mart because this travel portal development companies fulfills all their cost, speed, scaling, and technology requirements.


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