B2B Travel Portal For Travel Agencies

B2B White Label Travel Portal

Profiling the B2B travel engine is difficult without specialists like Trip Mega Mart. The company helps in incorporating a white label travel gateway into your website, simulating a travel portal. This will enable your website to act as a professional travel portal, delivering flights, hotels, and transportation to your users.

After the travel site is ready, branding support is also provided by Trip Mega Mart along with White Label travel portal development. The site’s layout schemes, logo, and colors can be designed as per the travel company’s branding requirements. B2C, B2B, and B2B2C companies use these solutions to plan customer experiences, transfers, airline bookings, tour operations, and sightseeing.


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Create a B2B White Label Travel Portal with travel agency software leveraging the expertise of Trip Mega Mart.

With Trip Mega Mart’s travel portal development solutions, you may bring your B2B company online and broaden your reach. Think about it.

  • Flight booking system
    A white-label flight booking engine increases revenue while simplifying online flight booking for individual seats on many planes.

  • Hotel booking systems
    White label hotel booking engine allows tour operators and hotel chains to collect hotel inventory from several sources and offer the best rates to their clients, including channel managers and direct contracts.

  • Activity booking system
    The White Label Activities Booking System delivers exact timetables to tour operators to manage events and client feedback better.

B2B White Label Travel Portal Development for travel agents can enhance travel business with their B2B white label travel portal or through B2C white label solution. Moreover as growth in travel technology, travel agents are adopting trending b2b white label travel portal development as pocket source to target customers and provide their travel requirements.

White Label Travel Portal Development Online refers to a product which is manufactured by us and you just need to put your brand name on it and sell it. White label is an ideal solution for those who are not willing to invest lots of time and energy in building a white label travel portal development online, however, want to have an online presence. White label travel portal effortlessly allow the creation of customized tour packages supportive every part of your customer’s travel requirements. With enhance in travel technology many travel organization spread wide through across multiple travel products with seamlessly using white label solution.

Benefits of B2B White Label Travel Portal

  • right-iconEasy implementation & No Technical Expertise required to start
  • right-iconYour travel website on your choice brand / domain name
  • right-iconGet pre and post sales technical & business assistance from trained experts of the travel industry
  • right-iconCompletely branded and mobile responsive website
  • right-iconYour website and booking engine can be optimized for search engines
  • right-iconReceive highest commissions & uninterrupted booking facility with best rates on Flights, Hotels, Bus and other Travel Products
  • right-iconAcquire new customers & agents and increase brand loyalty
  • right-iconConvert leads into bookings and in turn profit
  • right-iconRobust tracking and reporting
  • right-iconOnline e-ticketing
  • right-iconBuild your Brand Name
b2b white label travel portal development

Features of B2B White Label Travel Portal

  • right-iconB2B - Agents and Distributors
  • right-iconNo need for GDS or LCC connection required
  • right-iconNo GDS or LCC API required to start
  • right-iconLive Inventory of Flight, Hotel and Bus with Choice Payment Gateway
  • right-iconGo online in only a weeks’ time!
  • right-iconB2B module to add and manage subagents
  • right-iconAdmin Panel to manage and check bookings
  • right-iconOnline and Offline booking module
  • right-iconAdmin Management
  • right-iconDeposit Management System
  • right-iconCommission Management System
  • right-iconDashboard Management
  • right-iconBooking and Cancellation report of all inventories
  • right-iconBalance Log for all inventories
  • right-iconAssigning desired mark-up
  • right-iconOrder Management to view Sales report
  • right-iconReports by filtering
  • right-iconEnquires/Feedback
  • right-iconIncrease or Decrease your mark ups according to business strategy
  • right-iconControl panel to track your bookings and Customer details through the website
  • right-iconTour CMS to upload own packages
  • right-iconTMark-up and Convenience Fee Management

Summing It Up

An effective B2B travel portal requires the services of a reputable travel booking engine development firm. A travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart, specializes in travel agency software for a B2B travel gateway solution that meets all your needs.
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