B2B2C International Travel Portal Solution for Travel Agencies

B2B2C International Travel Portal Solution

Travel, airline, and hotel corporations are most likely familiar with B2B2C travel portal development. Historically, travel companies have prioritized the creation of the greatest B2B2C travel portals. B2B2C is a term that refers to the process through which merchants and consumers are connected via the provision of products or services. It is a booking platform that has benefited the travel industry.

Travel Portal Development


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You may expand your reach and bring your B2B2C firm online with Trip Mega Mart's travel portal development options.

1. Reservations for flights

A B2B2C travel booking engine boosts income while streamlining online ticket booking for specific seats on various planes.

2. Reserving hotel rooms

B2B2C hotel booking engine enables tour operators and hotel chains to aggregate hotel inventory from several sources. It provides its customers with the best rates possible, including channel managers and direct contracts.

Services of varying kinds

When consumers make a reservation, they consider a variety of factors in addition to the price. The construction of a travel portal benefits the customer experience. Customers can get assistance before, during, and following their travel. Providing a helpful travel resource is an excellent approach to driving traffic to your website.

1. Reservation system for restaurants

The B2B2C Restaurant Booking System is a restaurant reservation system that enables consumers to reserve a table for lunch or supper.

2. Reservations system for activities

The B2B2C Activities Booking System provides tour operators with precise schedules, allowing them to better manage events and customer feedback. 3. Compiles and disseminates data on travel

A web development company may be able to customize a B2B2C Travel Software ERP solution to meet your unique requirements. Through the development of commercial relationships, a travel website may grow the number of flights, transfers, hotels, excursions, and package components.

Additionally, a B2B2C booking engine gathers and distributes travel, hotel, vehicle, and package information to worldwide B2B2C clients, enabling them to make simple online bookings.

4. Transfer reservation

The B2B2C travel portal is an online booking system for transfers that integrates easily with GDS Integration Service, XML, or API transfers. It enables travel businesses and drivers to monitor assignments, vehicle data, and in-transit operations.

5. Scheduling of packages

A package booking engine that combines a flight booking engine, a hotel booking engine, and a vehicle rental system with a flight & hotel central reservation system streamlines the reservation procedure. This solution is compatible with desktop and laptop computers and smartphones and tablets.

Flights/hotels/cars/transfers/excursions may all be combined using the reservation package engine.

6. Engagement

The construction of a B2B2C travel portal enables you to draw on deeply rooted cultural traditions. Travelers are fast to upload images and videos to social media platforms. Consider the term "interaction" in its broadest sense. Around 80% of tourists devote four weeks to internet research and review reading. You may encourage your consumers to express themselves online in ways that are beneficial to your business by implementing the following strategies:

• Add a straightforward contact form.

• Make testimonials possible.

• A user-friendly website feedback section.


A successful B2B2C travel portal needs the services of a respected travel portal development company.

Trip Mega Mart, a travel technology company, specializes in a comprehensive B2B2C travel gateway solution for travel agency software.

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