B2B2C Travel Portal Solution For Travel Agencies

B2B2C Travel Portal

What is a B2B2C Travel Portal? Basically, it is the convergence of B2B Travel Portal and B2C Travel Portal model for a complete service or a product transaction. It is a collaboration which creates beneficial product delivery channels and services. So what is it in layman’s terms, when one business creating a product or a service for the end consumer joins with other business which is creating a delivery channel for their product to the end customer through web portal or a website say, this type of transaction is a B2B2C model.
In travel and tourism industry, this model is quite prevalent and lies at the heart of operations in organization such as Opening up a Travel Agency which creates end to end solution for travel and tourism business. Let us look closely into their product line to understand how this B2B2C Travel Portal model comes into existence to Start Travel Agency. At the heart of our product is a web portal which allows its clients to connect their customer to GDS and get cheapest fares online on the go, this comes bundled with other numerous features which include online payment gateway integration, cancellation gateway, web support etc

B2B White Label Travel Portal


Ashburn, Virginia, United States

Benefits of B2B2C Travel Portal

  • right-icon Inventories of Flight, Hotel and bus for real time booking
  • right-icon Provide the best pricing in online travel market to both B2C and B2B clients
  • right-icon Providing consumers with easy, fast and dynamic websites
  • right-icon Providing a secure online booking system to B2C customers
  • right-iconCustomization options like multicurrency, visa enquiry etc
  • right-icon Customization options like multicurrency, visa enquiry etc
  • right-icon Search Engine Optimization
  • right-icon Google Analytics reports
  • right-icon Android mobile apps
  • right-icon Own payment gateway integration for reliable and secure payment
  • right-icon Multiple payment option provided to all B2C Travel Portals
  • right-icon Complete solution for Online B2B/B2C Flight, Hotel and Bus Bookings
  • right-icon Highly Configurable and easy to use Admin Panel
  • right-icon Automatic booking confirmation using APIs
  • right-icon Travel content mapping – no duplicated search results
  • Overall reach and development open doors for your travel office
  • right-icon Very low website running cost & and ability to maintain your online business with low overheads


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