B2C Travel Portal for Travel Agencies

B2C Travel Portal

There are various domains of the travel industry that are of interest to agents. One such domain is the B2C that connects travel agents directly to travelers. But to be able to start travel business online in the current competitive market, you must be equipped with tools like a travel portal that can let you conduct your business smoothly.

B2B White Label Travel Portal


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While there are many aspects of portals that prove to be beneficial for travel businesses, certain features form an integral part of their functioning and contribute to their widespread use in the travel industry.

Key Features of a Travel Portal Solution

Here are some of the features of a travel portal that makes them an important tool to create B2B & B2C travel website/portal.

  • Automation - One of the major advantages of a travel agency software is the automation of tasks. You can opt for an automated chatbot to resolve common issues of your customers, can make use of automated booking confirmations, and can send customers updates on your services through automation.

  • Notifications - Trip Mega Mart lets you send you notifications to customers. You can send customers information about your services, current deals, changes in pricing, and other such crucial matters through text messages or emails.

  • Mobile Accessibility - Another feature of portals that is important for a successful travel business is its accessibility on mobile devices. With the help of a travel mobile application development company, you can let travelers book services on your portal from any device of their choice.

Why opt for a B2C Travel Portal?

With all the great features of a tourism portal development, you can avail a number of benefits of the platform for your travel business.

Connectivity to Customers
Using a portal to start travel agency online allows you to stay connected to your customers at all times of the day. Rather than restricting customer interaction to phone calls, you can address their issues on chats. With Trip Mega Mart you can add such features to your portal and ensure that your customers are able to receive answers to their queries on time.

Better Sales Opportunities
Travel portals can maximize your company's sales and revenue. Portals provide the opportunity to offer travel products at attractive prices to customers. With a GDS integration service for your portal with Trip Mega Mart, you can price your products at varying ranges. You can also purchase airline tickets at cheaper prices from the leading airline suppliers and sell them to your customers at affordable prices.

Sale Analysis
Another advantage of using a travel portal for your B2C business is that you can analyze your sales and enhance the growth of your business. A travel technology company with sufficient experience in the industry can help you understand market trends as well as the products of your company that are generating maximum revenue. Trip Mega Mart can even design a separate dashboard for you to view transactions.
Opting for a travel portal development company to build a portal can be a major boost to the growth of your travel business. You can accomplish various tasks and earn as much revenue as your business is capable of generating.


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