B2C Travel White Label Solution for Travel Agencies

What are the features that can be part of a b2c white label travel solution?

A B2C white label travel solution from Trip Mega Mart Travel Portal Development Company is an effective tool for customers or travelers. They can login, create accounts, change their preferences, book, plan, purchase travel services, and schedule itineraries. The portal can be integrated with flight booking engine, hotel booking engine, accommodation reservation, tours companies, personal travel agents, tour operators, and guides to name a few.

B2B White Label Travel Portal


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What are the features that can go into a B2C white label travel solution?

Booking engine

A booking engine of a Trip Mega Mart Travel Portal Solution is a comprehensive functional module. It will help travelers to book flights, hotels, holidays, transfer services, and activities. Booking engines will need to be integrated to various APIs. Flight & Hotel API integration, GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel Integration, and GDS Integration Service are some of the many integrations that can be done. There are various avenues for booking. A comprehensive booking module or feature will include all types of booking services, across all transportation modes, accommodation types, and service modes.

Virtual assistance

Increasingly, travelers require virtual assistance. Before beginning to create B2B & B2C travel website/portal, a travel agency can check if this feature can also be provided. Travelers could be at a particular vacation spot in a foreign land. They might not know the language of the locals. If they have to ask for anything specific, they would rather want to ring up a virtual assistant or ping one using a mobile app. This is the level of personalized travel service that travelers are looking for from anyone wishing to start online travel business agency. Virtual assistance can be automated to a large degree. Questions and queries that need human expertise can be handled by a dedicated virtual assistant team of people. Trip Mega Mart can build such chatbots using state-of-the-art technology and open-source frameworks.

Shopping cart

A travel portal should be like an e-commerce site – where travelers’ shop for services. Trip Mega Mart Travel Website/Portal Development Company can build such a feature. Third-party travel service providers can advertise their services on the travel portal of a travel agency. These services can be picked up, and put in the shopping cart. The traveler can then checkout the shopping cart, and make the payment using a secure payment gateway. Various payment modes can be supported.

Services and offerings from other systems can be showed as well. Car rental system, holiday package system, flight & hotel central reservation system services, offerings, and discounts can be ingested and showed on the portal.

The details of the travel services booked, including their itineraries, are mailed to the traveler. The traveler can always come back and make modifications. This type of travel agency software can be created by Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal development.


Tourism portal development requires experience, technology prowess, and expertise. Trip Mega Mart can help those who plan to start travel agency online or established businesses with modern travel solutions.


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