Benefits of Travel Portal Solution for Travel Agencies

Benefits of Travel Portal Solution

Despite its tremendous development, travel is a seasonal sector. So, to stay ahead of the competition, capitalize on the trend and keep passengers informed all year. Trip Mega Mart, a travel portal development company, can offer you an excellent travel portal solution.

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Let’s consider some of the benefits of a travel portal solution by Trip Mega Mart.

Advantages of a Travel Portal Solution

  • Real-time inventory of airlines suppliers, hotel suppliers and car rentals with bus bookings

  • Offer the lowest price in the online travel industry to all sorts of clients

  • Provide consumers with a secure online booking system

  • Tailored solutions for multilingual access, multi-currency exchange, visa inquiry, etc

  • Search engine optimization

  • Google Analytics reports

  • Android mobile applications

  • Payment gateway integration for dependable and secure payment

  • Multiple payment choices supplied to all travel portals

  • Complete solution for online flight booking engine, hotel booking engine, and bus reservations

  • Automatic booking confirmation using APIs

  • Highly adjustable and simple to use admin panel

  • Travel content mapping with no duplicated search

  • Increased consumer reach and escalated business development

  • Low website running cost along with low business overheads

Advantages of Advanced Multipurpose Travel Portal Solution

  1. Quick access to key customer insights

    With outdated methods like spreadsheets or actual files and folders, keeping track of a vast customer base may be difficult. To manage them efficiently, you need to know your customers' names, hobbies, travel plans, and booking history.

    With a Travel CRM, your employees will immediately input an inquiry, search up client information, and take action.

    No Travel CRM means essential data is scattered across files and folders, causing delays and errors.

    An online Travel CRM also enables the team to get client data from any device. Now that various groups operate remotely, it is advantageous.

  2. Ability to create a unique customer experience

    One reason so many people still use travel agencies is the customized treatment. As a consequence, your clients expect a highly tailored experience every time.

    You need to know more about them and their hobbies to cater to their needs.

    This knowledge builds up over time as you earn more clients so that they may build extremely personalized trips for their consumers.

    The concept of customization isn't limited to travelers. Travel preferences, especially for flights and hotels, must be known by corporate account managers. They'll need simple access to employee travel regulations to schedule accordingly.

    This data may be stored in the CRM and easily accessed when booking.

  3. Marketing is important

    Outbound marketing methods that keep consumers and clients informed about current events are crucial. If you want to execute ads via email, SMS, or social media, you need unique customer data in one place.

    Client data may be converted into an Excel file using a Travel CRM for marketing purposes. You may use this data to create tailored campaigns even if you don't utilize marketing tools and can send emails using Outlook, Gmail, or another email client. The top travel CRMs have marketing features, making it even easier.

    Trip Mega Mart is a full-service software development firm specializing in travel portal solutions. The team provides web testing, designing, and digital marketing services to its clients.

    You can now have a white label travel portal development company of your own or create B2B & B2C Travel website/portal anywhere across the world with the help of Trip Mega Mart.


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