Cost of Travel Portal Development for Travel Agencies

Cost of Travel Portal Development

Suppose you work in the travel business as a travel firm, tourist development organization, resort, travel agency, consolidator, or travel consultant. In that case, you may be employing travel technology solutions to attract/retain consumers and beat the competition.


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Trip Mega Mart will get you started. It will help you to start online travel business agency with all the necessary GDS, XML, and API flight and hotel integration as it is a leading travel technology company.

So, how can you break into the OTA market? How much does an online travel portal cost?

To set up OTA software, one must first determine the cost of establishing a travel portal. Nothing, after all, is free.

Your requirements' complexity determines the total project cost. Here are some considerations to consider about travel website/portal development costs.

1. Platform selection: You may build a comprehensive travel portal on t-commerce platforms, including flight & hotel central reservation system, car rental system, cruise, bus, and holiday package system. When selecting a trip module, you must consider the accompanying costs.

a. Flight Booking Engine Flight booking is a massive aid in the travel sector. API or GDS consolidators may provide XML integration. These consolidators facilitate computerized interactions between external parties and booking agents, allowing customers to book travel services. A simple flight booking system with an API interface costs 6K to 15K USD, while a booking engine with a GDS integration service costs 25% more.

b. Hotel Booking Engine Booking accommodation is another well-known travel aid. The framework has gathered data from hotels worldwide and allows you to book any hotel, resort, or accommodation. Large hotel chains often have direct GDS links (Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus, and Worldspan). A travel booking software integrates these XMLs to deliver hotel information directly to hundreds of thousands of OTAs. A basic hotel booking engine might cost between 5,000 and 10,000 USD. Customizing design, functionality, features, etc., might increase costs.

c. Booking systems for car rental, cruises, and bus reservations Aside from airfare and accommodation bookings, you may include car rental and transit to your travel booking engine. Usually, automobile rentals or travel software costs 4K to 8K USD, although the cost might vary depending on the framework.

According to certain research and feasibility studies, $70k would be enough to start a modest travel agency in the US.

Adding auto rental software or cruise/bus booking engines to a travel portal typically costs 3K-5K USD. The cost changes if you create a single module system.

2. Business model choice: Business models can be classified as B2C or B2B. One might choose a company plan based on the target market. Trip Mega Mart can provide all the necessary help establish any of the business models.

a. B2C: In the B2C model, corporations sell directly to customers and employ techniques and best practices. Add 15% to the cost mentioned above for a B2C booking engine.

b. B2B: B2B generally links clients and partners to access vital corporate and product information. It stands for Travel Agent Module. This paradigm provides both growth and stability. Add 30% to the cost mentioned above for a B2B booking engine.

The travel portal design development cost varies depending on the system's features and platforms.

The travel agency softwarerelies on the travel portal's capabilities and functionality. If you hire an IT staff, the travel portal will cost you around $1500-5000. A travel portal with limited functionalities would undoubtedly be less expensive.

Try Trip Mega Mart to start travel business online without worrying about travel website or portal development cost.


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