Cost of Travel Portal Solution for Starting Travel Agency

Cost of Travel Portal Solution

Are you unsure of how to get develop a website? Well, the answer to that lies with white label travel portal development companies like Trip Mega Mart. These companies bring their expertise to the table to create a website that suits your brand values and goals.

Some of the major benefits of hiring a travel website/portal development company are mentioned below:

  1. Professional Website- As they are experts in this domain, a travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart can build a highly effective and appealing website for your brand.

  2. Cost-Effective- You save both time and money in planning and designing a website from the scratch.

  3. Maintenance- The portal developer offers a complete travel portal solution by maintaining the functionalities of your website at a minimal price.

  4. Vast Inventory- Flight & hotel API integration is readily available on these websites. This greatly reduces the travel website/portal development cost.

Travel Portal Development


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Some of the key factors to look out for when partnering with a white label portal developer are listed here:

  • Ease of operating your websites like a hotel booking engine and flight booking engine

  • Help desk for resolving customer queries

  • Availability of GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration on the website

  • Option to update the existing content and image of the website

Thus, creating an online travel agency becomes a less-expensive and uncomplicated deal with white label travel portals. These websites are especially viable when you are just starting your business and want to focus on the promotion and marketing aspects. So, hire a website development company today and explore the profit-driven travel industry.

Now you must be wondering that how much would be the cost of a Travel Portal Solution. Well, I have the answer for you, of a tried and tested company named, TripMegaMart.

This company particularly, is also very reasonably priced in terms of the white label portal market. They offer multiple different pricing structures. Each plan includes its own set of design elements and functionalities. Minor modifications are available at small extra charges. Individualized travel agent portals can also integratewith any travel portal by paying a minor additional fee.

The only major expenditure of TripMegaMart clients is the annual maintenance fee of 25% of the basic website cost. This fee is easy to pay if the client can fully utilize the earning potential of their white label portal. Good marketing skills are needed for clients to stand out from other similar online businesses and make a mark in the mind of customers.

If you feel that you can address some travel related pain point of customers and build innovative advertising campaigns, then a white label travel portal business may be the right choice for you. Become a business owner from the comfort of your own bedroom. Book a consultation with TripMegaMart right away to find out what features and designs and customizations you can choose for your brand-new online business. Get your website within just a few weeks and start earning right away.


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