Cost of White Label Travel Portal for Travel Agencies

Cost of White Label Travel Portal

Very few experiences in the world can top the joy of spending a vacation in an unknown place far away from home. Travelling can refresh the soul and give people new energy to get back to their lives. But travel planning can sometimes suck the joy out of the experience. Now some business owners are solving this problem with the help of online travel portal solutions. Customers can plan the details of their trip right from their home and enjoy a hassle-free vacation.

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Travel portal development by trained software engineers can be quite an expensive and long-drawn process. So many entrepreneurs shy away from this business sector. But now travel portal development companies like Trip Mega Mart are making the task easier for business owners.

Trip Mega Mart is a white label travel portal development firm. They deliver customizable, pre-designed white label sites that have the basic functionalities required for an online travel business. The sites come with GDS integration service which is implemented to run real time flight booking engines and hotel booking engines with information from various airline suppliers and hotel suppliers. It reduces the effort needed on part of the customer to search for their appropriate travel arrangements as they do not have to surf multiple web pages.

Trip Mega Mart portals also have their native payment gateways with multiple security features and quick response times. Third-party payment systems can also be added in very easily.

Trip Mega Mart travel technology company also offers car rental systems and holiday package systems as part of their travel portals. Business owners also have a wide range of admin control panel features to modify prices and services on the live website without having to change the software code. Trip Mega Mart sites are also optimized for mobiles, computers, laptops and tablets and can be scaled up or scaled down between local and international levels of operation.

Client business name and logo is added and clients can also recommend their color, font and layout preferences.

The end product is a completely unique site that is ideal for running brand building and marketing campaigns.

Travel website development cost: create B2B and B2C travel portal

Trip Mega Mart has a very reasonable pricing strategy for their white label travel portals. There are different website plans with different functionalities and design features. Each plan has a different price structure. Clients also have the freedom to modify their chosen website plan by paying a small extra fee. Individual travel agent portals are also offered for integration into the travel agency software.

But the most important pricing strategy of Trip Mega Mart is the annual maintenance fee of 20% of the initial website cost. Clients have to pay this fee every year for continuity of their white label services.

If you feel that you can make a significant contribution to the travel and tourism industry with your innovative ideas, then contact Trip Mega Mart right away to get your first foothold in this sector.


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