Features of Travel Portal Development for Travel Agencies

Features of Travel Portal Development

When you are planning to start travel business online, there can be nothing better than travel portals. Serving as a powerful online tool for connecting travel agents and travelers, portals have become a popular choice among entrepreneurs related to the travel sector. You can use these platforms for keeping customers informed about your services. You can also accept booking requests directly from the portals. There are various other ways that you can use portals for your travel business.

Uses of Portals

There are several benefits that you can avail of by using a portal to start travel agency online.

  • Start your business faster
  • Include a wide range of travel products to your business using a GDS integration service
  • Gain more customers for your business
  • Provide round-the-clock service to customers
  • Resolve customer queries faster and with more efficiency
  • Operate with minimum expense on resources

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How to Get Develop a website?

Here are some of the essential features of travel portal development that you must consider for building a successful portal

Mobile Friendly

Creating a portal that is accessible on mobile devices is an important requirement for travel businesses. This is what makes a travel mobile application development company in demand. Travelers prefer obtaining information on travel destinations on their mobile phones. They also make most of the bookings from mobile devices. So, it is important that you have an user-friendly portal for the ease of accessibility of customers. Trip Mega Mart can help you obtain an easy-to-use portal to meet your business needs.

Transparent Pricing

As portals allow the purchasing of travel products, you must include clear specifications of the prices. Maintaining transparency of prices helps in reducing the rate of sale drops. Customers are more likely to pay for their bookings when done online through portals. Mentioning details of prices for, say a holiday package system, is hence important for customers to be able to complete transactions.

Suggestive Search Bar

Travel portals are platforms that travelers access not just for making purchases but also to gain ideas on travel destinations. This means when travelers type in something on the search bar, it should pull up information that is relevant to the search term so that travelers can get different options. Trip Mega Mart can design such interesting features for your portal.

Google Maps

When you collaborate with such service providers on your portal as hotel suppliers, you need to offer an accurate idea of the location to customers. This is not just helpful for them to locate the place easily, but can also allow them to plan their trip better. With Google map integration, you can let your customers find details of the services you are offering. Trip Mega Mart can build your portal with this feature on it.

There are a number of benefits that a travel portal solution can add to you. However, you need to have the key features on the portal in order to access the benefits. With Trip Mega Mart, you can develop a travel portal that supports the latest technologies required to cater effectively to the travel industry.


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