Features of Travel Portal Solution for Travel Agencies

Features of Travel Portal Solution

Travel portals are one of the best outcomes that the travel industry has witnessed from the amalgamation of technology to the sector. Instead of serving only as a source of information for travelers, travel portals allow the booking of travel services. Agents who wish to start travel business online can use portals for a smooth execution of all the tasks of their business.

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Features of Travel Portal Solution

Here are some of the key features that a travel technology company includes to the development of portals.

Instant Booking
Travel portals allow travelers to book hotel rooms, airline tickets, and other travel related services instantly from the platform. By opting for a GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration with Trip Mega Mart, you can process booking requests instantly on your portal.

Customer Feedback
Travel portals come with the amazing feature of hosting customer feedback. This feature helps businesses to gain recognition among potential customers. The services of Trip Mega Mart allow you to post the reviews of customers. You can even arrange special means, such as a bonus point or gift coupon, to encourage customers to leave their feedback on your portal.

Map Integration
Travel portal solution offers the integration of Google maps with your portal. This feature helps travelers to locate the places they book from you. They can gather information on the nearby tourist attractions, nearest transportation points, and various other details about the location. Map integration enables you to provide customers with a better idea of your services which, in turn, helps them to make informed decisions.

Payment Gateways
As travel portals are used for making purchases, integrating it to payment gateways is an important part of its development process. Hiring a travel portal development company can let you find a number of gateway options for your portal. You can get the most reliable ones with Trip Mega Mart.

How to Get Develop a websitethat is Successful?

While there are several benefits to start travel agency online, certain features increase the chances of its success.

  • Responsive Design - A travel agency software that is not easy to use will fail to attract the laymen looking for convenient booking platforms. This is why Trip Mega Mart focuses on creating a responsive design for travel portals.

  • Optimization - Creating optimized contents for your tourism portal development can double your sales. With an increase in the traffic on your portal, chances of converting the crowd into a sale also increases.

  • Transparent Pricing - Providing customers with all details related to the prices of your products can help in reducing the rate of sale drops. With Trip Mega Mart, you can build a portal where you can specify service details along with their charges.

  • There are plenty of useful features that a white label travel portal development has that can benefit your business. While most of the features are usually in-built, you can opt for additional features that can add more value to your travel business. Travel portals are capable of accommodating the requirements of all kind of travel businesses.


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