Features of White Label Travel Portal for Travel Agencies

Features of White Label Travel Portal

Nowadays, travel has become an integral element of everyone's life since it is critical to our everyday necessities. Consumers expect everything to be accomplished with a few mouse clicks in today's world. Trip Mega Mart's Online White Label Travel Agency Software is adaptable, lucrative, and cost-effective.


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Additionally, they provide a diverse choice of travel-related merchandise. Trip Mega Mart integrates with white-label travel agents, tour operators, and travel corporations worldwide. Trip Mega Mart is a highly customizable white label travel gateway solution.

Trip Mega Mart provides exceptional service in terms of holiday package system, flight booking engine, hotel booking engine, bus bookings, and car rental system. After gaining access to the white label travel portal, you will be able to give your clients easy and quick bookings with real-time deals that will increase your revenues and improve the commercial credibility of your travel website. Trip Mega Mart offers an entirely responsive white label travel portal that is compatible with various platforms, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

White-label software development services often employ adaptable ways to take the customer's concept and produce and deliver the completed product to the client. With our White Label Travel Portal process, you have complete control over the Travel Website that your users/agents will appreciate.

The Trip Mega Mart White Label Travel Portal integrates effortlessly with your existing travel business to provide an intuitive and practical end-user/agent experience. One of the primary characteristics of Trip Mega Mart's White Label Travel Portal is that it enables you to securely submit a variety of travel API data from numerous sources.

Features that contribute to the flexibility and reliability of White Label Travel Portal include the following:

  • Independence from the platform.
  • Multi-Language.
  • Extremely adaptable.
  • Travel Portal B2B2C/B2B/B2C.
  • Booking engine for flights, hotels, buses/cars, and tours, among other services.
  • Real-time search and booking capabilities.
  • Integration with Third-Party APIs.
  • Integration of Payment Gateways.
  • Mark-up should be included.
  • Multi-Currency.
  • Reporting of Business.
  • Numerous Suppliers Inventory
  • Offline Management of Flight Inventory
  • Personalized B2C Design of the Home Page
  • Management of blogs
  • Management of Websites
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Google Analytical Services
  • Reports on the Management Information System (MIS) for Administrators and Agents
  • Management of Pages
  • SSL Protected Website
  • An electronic ticket (Email or SMS)
  • Responsive design
  • Login to social media Integration
  • Client dashboard
  • Convenience Management of Fees
  • Indestructible Bandwidth
  • Customer Reactions

Trip Mega Mart has one of the unique technology-enabled white label systems today for the travel industry, e-commerce, customer relationship management, and other web-based businesses. The majority of internet visitors like to access anything and anything online and any additional value-added services. It handles the majority of transactions on our consumer websites worldwide daily.

Trip Mega Mart is the perfect turnkey solution for any travel company that would like to set up a white label travel portal/website including hotel booking engine, flight booking engine, holiday package system, car rental system, travel agency software, and a world class GDS, XML, and API flight & hotel integration.


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