Flight Booking Engine for Travel Agencies

Flight Booking Engine

The success of a travel agency is highly associated with the kind of convenience it provides to travelers. As more and more agents are taking interest to start travel business online, competition is not just in using the most efficient tools but also in offering useful products to customers. This has created a rise in the demand for providing flight booking services to travelers using flight booking engine development.

With flight booking engine development we provide consolidated data on airlines that may include details such as seat availability, prices, schedules, and specifications that any airline makes. It serves as an online system where travelers can view and book tickets.

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Essential Features of a Travel Agency Software

There are some features of travel portals that enable them to deliver the most for agents.

  • Mobile Access - Providing access to your travel portal on mobile devices is a very useful feature that you can offer to your customers. Trip Mega Mart specializes as a travel mobile application development company that provides b2b flight booking portal development and can create a user-friendly interface for your portal that holds compatibility with smart devices.

  • Online Payment - Providing customers with a secured gateway that is also capable of processing payment requests from multiple modes is critical to successfully start travel agency online.

  • Management - Working with a travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart can help you in managing all transactions on a single platform. You can store your customer details, along with their booking history, on a platform that is accessible to all the concerned departments. This way you can avoid errors in processing requests. You can also prevent loss of data with tourism portal development.

Uses of a Flight Booking Engine

Integrating your travel portal to a booking engine for airlines can bring many useful features to your business.

Real-Time Data

Trip Mega Mart provides b2b flight booking portal development and can build a GDS integration service on your portal that gives access to the live report on availability of airline tickets. You can share the report with your customers on the portal on a real-time basis. Customers can use the data to plan their trips better. They can also compare prices of the various airlines and choose the one that suits their requirements.

Easy Cancellation

Trip Mega Mart can make it easier for your customers to cancel purchases with an easy instant processing of cancellation requests. With just a click on the cancel button and stating the reason for cancellation, customers can reschedule their bookings anytime. You can also refund them some amount based on how soon they place the request.

24/7 Booking

Hiring a travel portal development company for your business can allow you to accept bookings from customers at any time of the day. While you let customers check flight tickets all day, you can also let them book their desired ticket instantly and at any time. Instead of following a definite schedule for booking services, customers can now proceed with their bookings as per their convenience.

There are many utilities for integrating your portal to a flight engine. Trip Mega Mart can let you explore the benefits in the most effective way for your business. You can offer updated information to customers while also letting them make purchases at their convenience.


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