Flight GDS Integration for Travel Agencies

Flight GDS Integration

Travel planning is a difficult and complicated process; it requires lots of different arrangements with regards to food, transportation and accommodation. But now travel planning has become easier than ever before with the appearance of online travel portal solutions. A person in any part of the world can book hotels and flights anywhere they like right from their own bedroom. Let us find out more about how to start a travel portal solution:

B2B White Label Travel Portal


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Easy Guide How to Start Travel Business Online

Traditionally travel arrangements were organized through physical travel agency offices. But setting up a physical travel agency office is an expensive process that requires a lot of logistical expenditure. An online travel start-up on the other hand is much cheaper. But developing a new website can still require a sizeable investment. The most economical solution to start a travel business is to use a white label travel portal development company.

Trip Mega Mart is one of the world’s most reputed travel portal design and development companies that creates B2B and B2C travel websites. Pre-developed white label sites are customized to create unique portals for each client.

The portals come with flight and hotel API integration. This means that the sites have their own native flight booking engines and hotel booking engines that are coordinated with real time data from different airline suppliers and hotel suppliers. Car rental systems and holiday package systems are also a very common feature of Trip Mega Mart portals.

Customers pay on these Trip Mega Mart portals through a secure payment system incorporated into each portal. Trip Mega Mart portals are also fully scalable and come with local to international operational range. Another important feature of the portals is that they can be operated on all kinds of devices- smart phones, laptops, computers, tablets, etc.

Trip Mega Mart also adds a number of admin access controls to their sites. This makes it easy for business owners to manage their site after it goes live as these access features do not require any software coding.

Trip Mega Mart Customization Process

Website design is very important for any e-commerce platform customers. So, Trip Mega Mart ensures that every single one of their portals has a unique and appealing aesthetic. Each site is customized with the name and logo of the client business. Colors, fonts, layouts can also be modified as requested by the customer.

Trip Mega Marttravel portal solutions are all designed to be user-friendly. The interface is intuitive and people of demographics find the sites simple and easy to use.

Trip Mega Mart white label travel portals are generally considered to be pretty reasonably priced in comparison with the general industry standards. There is also a degree of flexibility with a few different plans. Customers can also customize their own plan, although that may alter the price to some extent. Individual travel agent portals can also be added in to the travel agency software at minimal extra cost.

So, if you are ready to become a travel entrepreneur then book your Trip Mega Mart consultation right away to start the process.


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