Hotel Booking Engine for Travel Agencies

Hotel Booking Engine

A hotel booking engine is a software program used on hotel websites and social media pages to gather and handle direct online reservations.

An online booking engine is a key to commission-free direct reservations, maximizing your property's sales strategy and profit.Trip Mega Mart will get you started. It will help you to start online travel business agency with all the necessary GDS, XML, and API flight and hotel integration as it is a leading travel technology company.

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Since most travelers now book online, hotels have had to rely on internet travel brokers to deliver bookings. Listing on them can help you reach new audiences and increase reservations, but each reservation comes with a commission cost. When this cost exceeds 20%, hotels, especially independent operators, lose money.

A hotel booking engine is a crucial tool to combat OTA domination. Trip Mega Mart, a travel portal development company will look after creating attractive holiday packages, airlines suppliers, and hotel suppliers.

The need for an online booking engine

Regardless of your hotel size, you must accept online booking to stay competitive. These features are expected by modern travelers, who value the ease and security they bring.

For the following reasons:

Self-service is simple —

Travelers can verify availability and price without ever speaking to you.

Online booking is trusted –

When guests book, your booking engine securely accepts credit card payments and stores all guest data in one location.

Bookings are faster –

Online booking eliminates days of phone or email tags between passengers and hotels.

Direct booking benefits –

People typically visit your website to obtain a special deal if they book directly. Many properties may accept this trade-off to avoid third-party commissions.

It's more professional –

Modern guests will be astonished if they can't book online. They'll think you're disorganized and secure another home.

An internet booking engine gives your property a unique channel for bookings. You own the data and the connection when guests book directly. Once a guest books directly, you may do all you can to keep them coming back and booking direct. It, therefore, requires an online booking engine that can be developed easily with Trip Mega Mart’s guidance.

You can boost each guest's profitability by gaining direct bookings and earning loyalty.

Hotel booking engine features:

  • Customization to your hotel's brand for a seamless booking experience
  • Booking made easy (no more than two steps)
  • The ability to change foreign guests' currencies
  • Mobile and Facebook-friendly for on-the-go travelers
  • Upselling allows you to personalize your stay and enhance income per visitor.
  • Google Maps integration helps guests locate you.
  • Customizable confirmation, arrival, and departure emails
  • Complete PMS and CRS connectivity to update rates, availability, and special offers
  • Options for real-time payments into your bank account
  • Channel Manager integration with all booking sites
  • Analyze direct booking patterns with Google Analytics, Adwords, and eCommerce tracking
  • A noticeable, eye-catching 'Book Now' button should be followed by a short, basic form with payment processing.

Some non-functional elements can significantly impact, such as using encryption to prevent bots from booking, guiding customers to fill in necessary forms, and keeping track of documentation.

Trip Mega Mart is the perfect turnkey solution for any travel company that would like to set up a white label travel portal/website including hotel booking engine, flight booking engine, holiday package system, car rental system, travel agency software, and a world class GDS, XML, and API flight & hotel integration.


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