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Hotel reservations are an important part of travel planning. But finding the perfect hotel at a good price can be very difficult. Customers have to spend hours going through the websites of different hotels trying to find one that suits them. But this problem can be easily avoided with the help of online travel portals that have their own hotel booking engines. Trip Mega Mart is a travel portal development company that specializes in building hotel CMS websites and other white label travel portal developments.

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Trip Mega Mart – Create B2B and B2C Travel Website

Trip Mega Mart is an internationally renowned travel website design and development company. They sell pre-fabricated white label portals that have all essential travel business functions built into them.

The website come with GDS integration service to run flight booking engines, hotel booking engines, car rental systems and holiday package systems in real time. Information from various suppliers is displayed in a single platform and customers do not have to spend time navigating various different websites.

Customers can also pay for their flight or hotel room with the help of a payment portal built within Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal solutions. These payment gateways assure quick, easy and safe transactions.

Trip Mega Mart teams working on white label travel portal development make sure to also make their sites optimized for all kinds of devices and browser applications. The sites also allow business owners to choose the scale of their customer outreach- local/regional/international.

Another very interesting feature of Trip Mega Mart portals are the admin controls for business owners which can be operated without any software coding skills.

Customization of the White Label Portals

Trip Mega Mart doesn’t just specialize in back-end development; the finished portals also have a great front-end design that is visually pleasing as well as very user-friendly and intuitive. All Trip Mega Mart portals are also individually customized. Every white label website gets the branding of the client business. Clients can also make other changes to the layout, fonts and colors used on the website. The final end-product is 100% unique and can easily be marketed to create brand recognition among customers.

Total Cost to Start a Travel Business Online with Trip Mega Mart

Online travel portal solutions can become full-fledged businesses run from home. No additional infrastructural costs are needed.

As a travel technology company Trip Mega Mart provides very reasonably priced white label solutions. There are a few different website plans, each with its own set of functionalities and at a different price point.

Clients also have the freedom to add or remove certain features from their plan, like individual travel agent portals, by paying a small charge for each change.

The only major client expenditure is the yearly maintenance fee of 25% of the basic website cost. But most Trip Mega Mart clients are able to earn many times more than this amount within a year of starting their online travel business.

So, do you also want to become a travel entrepreneur with your brand? Do you have the digital marketing skills to drive customers to your website? Then book a consultation with Trip Mega Mart today and start building your dream business plan.

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