A Mobile App helps your hotel to

A hotel app is a software program built to operate on a mobile device, usually a smartphone or tablet. The hotel may decide which services to offer in its app, and consumers can access them. These services might be online, offline, or a combination.Trip Mega Mart will look after creating attractive holiday packages, airlines suppliers, and hotel suppliers.


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Why are hotel apps popular?

Hotel applications are getting increasingly popular due to the widespread use of smartphones. Nowadays, many individuals use their smartphones for everything from social network management to ordering takeout or planning vacations.Trip Mega Mart will help you to integrate Flight & Hotel API integration, GDS Integration Service and a reliable travel agency software with flight & hotel central reservation system, flight booking engine and hotel booking engine.

Hotel Apps allow hotels to deliver warnings to customers and provide services that one cannot find on a website.

Why every hotel needs an App?

While creating and using hotel applications has many advantages, there are three key reasons why every hotel should use this technology. These reasons are detailed below:

1. Improve guest communication
The ability to communicate better is one of the main reasons for establishing a hotel app. A hotel app can help bring together online discussion, social networking, hotel news, promotional messaging, etc.

2. Improve Customer Service
A mobile app may also improve a hotel's overall client experience. The app may also request room and cleaning services. All of these services boost automation and eliminate phone calls.

Hotel applications can enhance the booking experience by using virtual reality tours and centralizing smart hotel controls.

3. Boost Hotel Revenue
Finally, a hotel app can help hotel management by increasing income creation. They may do it both internally and externally. For example, an app for ordering room service or booking meals, trips, and museums, with hotels collecting a commission, makes the user experience easy.

Trip Mega Mart can integrate a well-versed holiday package and car rental system into your hotel booking app.

A website and hotel booking system app integration have several advantages. They are:

  • The app can match the OTA booking experience, which is critical if your hotel wants to compete with third-party channels.
  • A mobile-friendly platform reduces user friction.
  • Guests will enjoy a quick and easy experience as they will not have to repeat actions or submit information.
  • It eradicates the necessity for manual data entry between the two systems, reducing the risk of human mistakes.
  • The hotels will optimize greater SEO success since your website and booking engine's content and functioning.
  • It leads to more frequent traffic to your booking app with only one click.
  • Book online Hotel
  • Send notifications to your customers
  • GPS navigation to guide your customers to your hotel.
  • Display nearby attractions. Integrated GPS map to reach those places
  • Show photo gallery and amenities
  • Receive queries
  • Send invoice payment
  • Be Visible to Customers at All Times
  • Create a Direct Marketing Channel
  • Provide Value to Your Customers
  • Build Brand and Recognition
  • Improve Customer Engagement
  • Stand Out From the Competition
  • Cultivate Customer Loyalty
  • Increases your clientele, thereby increasing your revenue
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increases the number of your direct bookings
  • Enhances your brand awareness
  • Reflects the quality of your services
  • Reports real time data
  • Facilitates high quality customer service
  • Act as a mode of communication between you and your clients
  • Easy Login Process
  • Profile Settings Options
  • Add, Edit & Manage Room List
  • Flexible payment otions
  • Review & Rating Option

Who can take this App?

No matter what systems you choose, bear in mind integration. Look nowhere else. Contact Trip Mega Mart today.


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