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Travel and tourism have gained a huge market in the last few decades. But the last few decades have seen a major acceleration in this trend. One primary reason is the proliferation of online travel portal solutions. These allow customers to have complete control over their own travel plans and customers get to make these plans from home. Now the online travel industry is growing even faster with the appearance of white label travel portals.


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What do you mean by white label travel portal development?

White label travel portals are basically pre-designed websites that can be customized for individual travel businesses. This reduces the time and money required to start a travel business online.

Trip Mega Mart is a highly rated and internationally renowned travel portal development company. Trip Mega Mart white label travel portals come with GDS integration service so that the site can collaborate with airline suppliers and hotel suppliers and display real time data. This data is used to run hotel booking engines and flight booking engines. Car rental systems and holiday package systems can also be operated using the GDS, XML and API integration service.

Another essential feature of all Trip Mega Mart sites is the internal payment system. This system is known for processing payments very quickly after passing through a variety of digital safety and encryption measures.

Trip Mega Mart also allows their clients to make changes to the portal after delivery. Client business owners can use the variety of admin access features to make minor changes to the front-end of their live travel portal. No direct software code changes have to be made to implement the admin controls.

Customize and create B2B and B2C travel website

A good back-end is of no use to an online business owner without a well-designed front-end. At Trip Mega Mart, their designers focus on creating simple, intuitive interfaces that will also be good to look at.

The process begins first with customizing the white label site with the branding of the client business. Then client’s recommendations about colors, fonts and layouts are added in. The end-product is an easy to use, customized and unique website that can be used to build brand identity and create customer loyalty.

Calculation the travel portal development cost

Trip Mega Mart portals are not very expensive and there are few different website plans so that clients can find one appropriate for their budget and their business requirements. Some features of the website plan can also be modified, but this will entail price changes.

Clients also have the chance to add individualized portals for travel agents into their broader travel agency portal. The cost involved in this process is very low.

Trip Mega Mart sites are low investment business structures, but customers have a recurring expense of the annual maintenance fee. This fee is 25% of the basic website cost and can be paid by the client very easily if they simply set up some effective marketing campaigns for their business.

Are you ready to become an online entrepreneur? Try out your hand in the online travel industry by partnering up with Trip Mega Mart.


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