Starting a White Label Travel Portal for Travel Agencies

Starting a White Label Travel Portal

The advantages of a digital market are not hidden from the travel industry. There are numerousagencies whose business and revenuehave sky rocketedby venturing out into the online market. If youare planning to go in for an online travel agency, hire the services of a professional travel portaldevelopment company.


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What is a White Label Travel Portal?

A white label portal is a third-party website that allows company owners to conduct theirbusiness on that website. One can independently promote along with owningtheir travelbusiness. And need not worry about the technical aspects of running the website. There are tried and testedcompanies that create B2B & B2C travel website/portaland completely oversee the administration.

How to start travel business online?

Not sure how to start online travel business agency?Well, you need not be an expert yourself to know how to get develop a website. The digital market has ample travel technology company that can design you a promising travel portal to grow your travel business. One such name is Trip Mega Martand while there are various options for websites, the most cost-effective travel portal solution comes from white label portals.

White label portals are third-party websites where you can conduct a business under your brand name. White label travel portal development companies offer their software to help you provide a wide range of services to your customers.

Benefits of Travel Agency Software

For businesses like travel and tourism that operate on a global platform, reaching a wide-scale customer is paramount. Some of the ways that a white label travel portal can benefit you are as mentioned:

  • Functioning as a hotel booking engine and flight booking engine
  • Offering different package deals to customers such as a holiday package system
  • Collaborating with airline suppliers to manage the travel plans of your customers
  • Listing top-rated hotel suppliers on your website
  • Managing transportation issues of customers by offering a car rental system

Checkpoints When Hiring a Travel Website/Portal Design & Development Company

Travel Website/Portal Development cost is, perhaps, the first to enter your priority list. A budget is a roadmap that determines the subsequent steps to take in developing a business.

Other than cost, the next factor to consider is the technological features that a tourism portal development company can proffer. GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration is a major requirement of a travel portal to fulfill the demands of travelers.

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