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What is a Tour CMS Website and Why is it Beneficial for Travel Agencies?

A tour CMS website is a website or web application that is integrated with a CMS or has an inbuilt CMS. The CMS of the website provides content management, content storage, and content retrieval. The CMS can be considered a database for content. The website will have regular features such as car rental system,flight & hotel central reservation system, flight booking engine, hotel booking engine. In addition, it may have Wordpress integration or Joomla integration.

The facility of providing CMS services on a tour website by Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal development provides several advantages. Here are some of them:

Enables personalization

A customer or traveler can login and create their own personal view on their account using Trip Mega Mart modular tour CMS website. They can create and post content. They can create and edit blogs. They can create and maintain forums. They can post videos, audio, vlogs, and multimedia content. The traveler can also create webpages or blog pages dedicated to a particular travel experience.

Enables public and private forums

The CMS is a repository of content. Although the same thing can be done by a database, the CMS has several other features. It is very useful for travelers, customers, and travel agency stakeholders. Those who plan to start travel business online can use the power of public and private forums to create traveler engagement.

Using popular CMS programs provides not just content storage, but plugins as well. There is a plugin for almost every use case. Travel agencies can also use plugins created by a travel website portal/design & development company for their specific business cases.

All that that the travel portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart needs to do is to integrate the plugin. For example, if a webpage dedicated to travelers going to a particular sporting event has been created, a live events plugin can source live sporting news as it happens, and display it on the webpage.

Custom websites

A client can change the theme of their website. Trip Mega Mart can build such type of travel agency software. This is one of the best use cases of a CMS backed tours website. All that the travel agency needs to do is to login as administrator, and simply change the skin. They can also import skins or create their custom ones.

They can also integrate features into the website by way of plugins. Flight & hotel API integration, airline suppliers and hotel suppliers’ integration, GDS, XML, & API flight & hotel integration etc. can be done. No matter what type of tourism portal development requirement is, the tour CMS website can be molded to the requirement.

Why choose Trip Mega Mart for tour CMS website development?

Trip Mega Mart travel portal solution methodology is based on a robust framework. The effort to create B2B & B2C travel website/portal with CMS integration is minimized because of the core technology. The virtue of the technology being flexible helps anyone wanting to start online travel business agency to do it fast and effectively.