Travel Consolidators For Travel Agencies

Travel Consolidators

Conducting a successful travel business requires that you connect with useful resources to get your tasks done. Travel consolidators are such resources who can offer you travel services at cheap prices. You can then resell the product to customers at various interesting deals using travel portals designed with the expertise of Trip Mega Mart.

Partnering with travel consolidators can accelerate the process involved to start online travel business agency. You can save time in gathering data on the air fares of individual airlines. You can also opt for different services that travel consolidators offer to enjoy the same benefits of saving on time and money.


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Types of Travel Consolidators

Travel consolidators can be of various types. They can be:

  • Experts in selling tickets at wholesale prices

  • Specialists in selling airline tickets online builds with the help of a collaboration with multiple airline suppliers in efficient platforms that Trip Mega Mart can build for you

  • Sellers of airline tickets along with other travel products through a GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration

How Travel Consolidators Work?

Travel consolidators purchase tickets from airlines at lower prices. Airlines usually offer those seats that they consider as hard to sell. The discount varies between 30 and 60 percent. Consolidators then resell the tickets to travel agencies and other travel service providers.

If you are looking to start travel business online, travel consolidators can be of immense help for the growth of your business. You can provide customers with airline tickets at prices that they can afford while you maintain a good profit margin. With a professionally built travel portal from Trip Mega Mart, you can offer various services to customers.

There are benefits like these and many more that travel consolidators can provide your travel business with.

Hiring consolidators can have many positive impacts on your business.

Operate Without Accreditation

A travel portal solution that is partnered with consolidators allows travel agencies to operate without accreditation. This means you can skip obtaining a license from authoritative bodies like the ARC or IATA. You can, however, still opt for a GDS integration service on your travel portal with the leading suppliers of airlines.

Round-the-Clock Customer Service

Consolidators offer 24*7 customer service to ensure travel agencies are able to resolve issues instantly. This can help you to provide uninterrupted service to your customers using your travel agency software. You can have all information related to airline availability and provide the same to your customers without any delays due to technical reasons.

Accessibility to Discounted International Airfares

Most of the international airlines prefer selling some part of their inventories to consolidators as IATA prevents them from applying discounts on published prices. This means working with consolidators will allow you to avail good deals on ticket prices. You can start travel agency online and offer the same deals to customers by creating a travel portal with Trip Mega Mart.

Travel consolidators are, thus, a key component for bringing success to travel businesses. With them you can provide your customers with affordable products. You can function with better efficiency when you have the services of travel consolidators combined with the expertise of a travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart.


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