Why Take White Label Travel Portal for Travel Agencies

Why Take White Label Travel Portal

There is always a lot of pressure on travelers to find the perfect hotel or the perfect flight to have the best travel experience. This results in many travelers turning to online travel portals for their travel planning. In recent years digital travel portal solutions have become very popular and many new platforms are coming up every single day. But there is still immense potential for growth in this sector and an early entry can easily multiply the chances of success.

White Label Travel Portal


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Create B2B and B2C travel portals with white label solutions

Developing a website from scratch is an expensive process requiring high levels of technical expertise, but a white label portal on the other hand is a pre-built website that can be customized for different clients. White label travel portal solutions are cheaper and more convenient for business owners with a small budget.

Trip Mega Mart specializes in white label travel portal development. The sites come with GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration. Real time data is collected from different airline suppliers and hotel suppliers and displayed in one single comprehensive web page. Car rental systems and holiday package systems are also part of the travel necessities included in Trip Mega Mart portals.

Trip Mega Mart’s success as a travel portal development company is also due to their in-built native payment systems. These payment gateways are highly responsiveness and have various security features. Third-party payment portals can also be integrated with the travel agency software very easily.

Trip Mega Mart portals are also optimized for equal performance on all types of devices – smartphones, laptops, computers and tablets. Clients can even choose the scale of their website operations – local, regional or international. Another major feature of Trip Mega Mart white label travel portals is the high variety of admin access controls. Clients can make slight modifications to the front-end of their website without needing to make any software code changes.

Travel portal development, design, customization

Trip Mega Mart travel portals have very visually appealing designs. The sites are fully intuitive and user-friendly, but the aesthetics are also given equal importance. Each site has the business branding of the client added to it. Clients can add further customizations in terms of colors, layouts or fonts. The goal of the design and customization process of Trip Mega Mart is to create sites that are unique, despite their similar white label base.

Trip Mega Mart keeps their travel portal pricing quite flexible to accommodate clients with different budgets. Each website plan has a different price and its own set of design and functional features. Clients can even modify their website plan by paying a small fee. This helps to make the portal more attuned to the preferences of the ideal clientele of a specific business.

Trip Mega Mart clients with some basic business acumen can rake in large amounts of profit from their business. If you also feel that you also have potential to belong in this category then book your first Trip Mega Mart consultation right away.


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