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About Us

3 fast facts about TripMegaMart.


We have over 1400 partners across the world and counting, with businesses in the US, Europe, Africa and Asia since many years, who rely on us to help them make the right digital bets and optimize innovation. We are one of tech companies to bet your business on for 2024.


TripMegaMart.com (Connecting Dot Pvt Ltd) is a leading Website & App Development Company. We believe in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion as the fabric of our culture. From consulting to implementation with full support and training, we walk the walk for long.


We’re pioneers. We invented the value of WhiteLabel Graph, the easiest way to start business online, and now the industry’s first Digital Optimization System. We want to wish every company who are our partners - to have the TripMegaMart ‘WOW’ moment.

Innovation is in our DNA.


Founders ideated to start a travel portal with a founding thesis that building the best product requires deep, cross-functional understanding of customer behaviour and booked domain tripmegamart.com.


Company got registered the private limited Company with Ministry of Corporate affairs, Government of India. Hired some India’s best Tech companies to develop a robust website. These Tech companies have much more experience in their history but continuously failing their timeline vis-à-vis milestone.


Founders getting frustrated as product were getting delayed due to lack of proper ecosystem in the industry. Tieing ups of suppliers/vendors was continuing for the inventories.


TripMegaMart decided to develop a proper easy ecosystem for every start-ups & launched B2B with Whitelabeling for their next generation peers.


Touched monthly a respectable turnover but still bootstrapped, some angel investors contacted but founders refused either for seed or series A to remain on own.


Quit the B2C business as because it is conflicting our business interest with our partners and focussed for only B2B business.


Founders are very happy because when they started in 2011 to create a travel business for own but now they are creating hundreds of travel businesses each year for others & making them more happier.


Crossed the Indian boundaries with inclusions of many more currencies including bitcoins.


Unveils the industry’s first Digital revolution System, including new innovations for helping product and marketing teams reimagine personalization.


Covid affected life & business globally, we are one too.


Covid snatched much more across the world. Recovering from Covid era but again trapped in Omicron…..


World is recovering from Covid and business too. When do they work well, and when do they on us and finally, when do we actually need how can we avoid them.


Business of our all partners growing day by day and they are much happy to see the growth chart. We too.... more are joining us ..... Let’s make something great together, in coming year!


This year we planned to promote 100s of our partners to the level of TripMegaMart so that they can also take care of their next generation pears in thier own countries. We also started a CSR thru our Incubation Programmes.