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Travel Portal Development in Kuwait

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An underrated haven secluded from the Gulf travel hubs, Kuwait has retained its Arab authenticity despite the cultural mingling. An economy built on the back of oil, like most Arab countries it boasts of several tourist attractions ranging from museums to well-kept beaches. Its architecture contains an amazing blend of the ancient and the modern as the modern skyscrapers of the city compete with well-maintained mosques of its golden past. Owing to all these factors Kuwait contains immense untapped potential as a tourist hub. But how do we tap into this opportunity?

At Trip Mega Mart, a White label travel portal development company working with 700+ clients spread across the globe, we assist you in setting up an effective travel portal and help you start online travel business agency. We specialize in creating B2B and B2C travel portal and our travel portal solution is always based on your unique set of requirements. Our services entail an efficiently synchronized marketplace with tie-ups with airline suppliers, hotel suppliers and car rental management system. We ensure a seamless shuffle between different services using GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration. Our tour booking engine keeps track of holiday package system and ensures the customers’ comfortable stay by employing flight and hotel central reservation system. Satisfaction of our customers is always paramount for us and to ensure maximum availability of your portal, our travel agency software can be complimented by a mobile application. Trip Mega Mart provides effective assistance in travel agency mobile application development. We envision a lasting professional relationships with all our clients based on trust and understanding. To keep ourselves updated with the latest technical know-how, we must first begin by providing a feasible travel portal solution to all our clients, from aspiring start-ups to the older players in the market seeking an online growth.

Kuwait as a tourist hotspot needs more travel agencies to assist the influx of curious tourists from all over the globe. Trip Mega Mart looks forward to help you in your amazing journey as a travel website design and development company.

Posted on 23-Apr-2012

Travel Portal Solution in Kuwait