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Travel Portal Development in Riyadh

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Must-see spots in Saudi Arabia: 

  • Saudi Arabia is one of the globe’s top tourist destinations and has some of the world’s best luxury hotels and restaurants to serve its visitors. Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia brings together old-world charm with modern luxury to create the perfect vacation spot for tourists.
  • Islamic pilgrimage sites like Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia also bring in a lot of religious tourism. Other Saudi cities like Jeddah and Dammam are better known among tourists who prefer scenic views on their vacations.
  • Whether one wants to walk along crystal clear water bodies, or embrace the ancient history of the Middle East, or wander around the world’s best shopping malls, there is something for everyone in Saudi Arabia.
  • This immense scope for travel and tourism in the country has provided impetus for the growth of a sizeable travel industry. In recent years, under the influence of online travel portal solutions, this industry has taken a more digital turn.

Digital revolution and travel portal development in Riyadh: 

  • Customers nowadays no longer have the time or the patience to travel to physical travel agency offices to plan their vacation trips. They want their travel planning to be done online quickly and without any hassle. This is possible because of a growing number of online travel portal solutions available in the market today.
  • But these portals are not the traditional carefully coded websites that took months to build. Nowadays business owners are taking recourse to the faster cheaper option of white label travel portal development.
  • These portals have been developed with some basic features related to the travel industry and clients can get the designs and certain functionalities customized for their own site. This gives each client access to a totally unique digital travel portal that they can use as their business.
  • Trip Mega Mart is a highly reputed travel portal design and development company powered by white label catalogues and they have consultants specialized in the Saudi Arabian travel market as well.

Using Trip Mega Mart to create profitable white label portals: 

  • You must be wondering, about how to go about this. Trip Mega Mart clients first talk to a consultant to discuss their business aspirations and budget. Then the consultants show them relevant portals from the catalogue which fit the client’s needs. The clients suggest customizations and once the process is completed, the requested site is delivered in seven days.
  • Trip Mega Mart portals are generally priced to be very affordable and there are some variations in prices as well across different portal plans. Some of the most common features of Trip Mega Mart sites include GDS integration service, flight and hotel central reservation system, internal payment gateway, multi-device optimization, car rental systems, holiday package systems, and much more. Customers can have all their travel needs met at one location, stress-free and easy and this is the biggest USP for any travel business.
  • The design capabilities of Trip Mega Mart sites are also exceptional. All the portals have an intuitive design which means they are very simple and easy to use. At the same time, there is detailed branding customization for the sites making each and every one of them unique. The designs are also generally very visually pleasing and have been found to be effective tools for building brand recognition.

If you want to create a B2B and B2C travel website then there is no better option than Trip Mega Mart. Initial investment is low, but the end product can easily be complimented with smart marketing to build a successful profitable business. There is a good support service also provided by Trip Mega Mart to their clients. This service is free for the first year after purchase and from the second year onwards the annual maintenance fee is 25% of the original cost of the website. This is a very reasonable rate as most clients can earn much more than that amount from their online travel business that they have set up with the help of Trip Mega Mart. So do not wait any longer. Make the commitment and put in a small investment to make your business dreams come true with Trip Mega Mart.

Posted on 21-Jun-2024

White Label Travel Portal in Saudi Arabia