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Travel Portal Development in Los Angeles

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Tourism has been a major contributor to the economy of Los Angeles. The Walk of Fame, Buckhorn Falls, Disneyland, Universal Studios, and the Griffith Observatory are some of the iconic tourist spots in Los Angeles. The government has undertaken a number of measures to ensure that the city has an uninterrupted service for its millions of multinational visitors. Agents who wish to start online travel business agency here can find several scopes even outside Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is just one of the cities in the USA that is a popular destination for tourists. There are other cities, too, that witness a huge crowd of tourists. New Orleans, Denver, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Memphis, Tampa, Miami, Austin, Seattle, Atlanta, and Virginia are among the most populated cities in terms of tourists. The diversity in the country's landscape combined with the large number of megastructures representing creativity of humans makes the USA one of the most visited parts of the world. And as no geographical restrictions apply to the explorers of this country, agents need to operate from a platform that can be accessible by all.

WhyTravel Portal Development in Los Angeles?

Travel portals are softwares that agents can use for connecting with travelers and letting them buy the products. Portals, in this respect, work differently from websites. You can use portals for not just providing information about the various travel destinations, but also for finding markets for your services.

Portals can have several benefits for your business.

• Ease of Administration - You can manage your business much conveniently using a travel portal solution. You can make your portal cloudbet and operate it from remote locations. You can also create a separate dashboard with Trip Mega Mart and keep track of your transactions in a much better way.

• More Customers - Acquiring customers becomes much easier with travel portals. You can use the portal to connect with a large number of customers and can also collaborate with several service providers to offer a holiday package system.

 Less Expenses - Building a travel agency software with professional portal developers like Trip Mega Mart can allow you to run your business with less expenses. You can automate the major task of your business and employ less resources for those tasks.

Features of Portals

To be able to enjoy the benefits of portals, you need to add certain essential features on it.


Integrating your portal to Google Map is an important tool for letting customers identify hotel accommodations better. With maps, customers can make better decisions when choosing hotel suppliers for their tour. They can also check restaurants and tourist spots that are located in close proximity to their booked hotel.

Virtual Experience

Technology has become a major part of travel portals. With a reputed travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart you can expect implementation of the latest technologies on your portal. Providing customers with a virtual tour of hotels or travel destinations is one such technology that, when added to the platform, can help agents to attract a lot of customers.

Payment Facility

Portals are a platform where travelers can purchase products and also pay for them instantly. This is why integrating a payment gateway to your travel portal is essential. It is also important that the gateway is secured so that customers can feel safe in entering their sensitive financial data. Trip Mega Mart ensures that travel agents can use reliable payment gateways on their portal. The gateways are not just secured, but can also process payment requests instantly, making the process smooth and less time consuming.


Another important feature that you can add to your travel portal is sending notifications to customers. This feature can help you in keeping your customers updated about the latest news related to your agency. You can also notify customers of the delay or cancellation of services. Trip Mega Mart can help you to offer your customers the option of receiving notifications via email or text messages.

Los Angeles is a great place to start travel business online. But for a successful online travel business you would need a good portal with which you can connect with more customers and administer your business efficiently. You can also add some of the essential features and enhance the effectiveness of your portal.

Posted on 15-Mar-2021

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