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Start Travel Agency Business in Montreal-Canada

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It isn't easy to choose just a few top places to visit in such a large and diverse country as Canada. There are numerous locations to explore, with a total area of 9,985,000 square km split across ten provinces and three territories. You can say that Canada has no undesirable cities. However, a few places stand out and should be on your travel bucket list. Quebec City, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Victoria, Montreal, St. Johns, Charlottetown, and Saskatoon are a few of these cities.

As a result of its location on St. Lawrence, Montréal has flourished as cosmopolitan communication and economic center. Jacques Cartier arrived here in 1535 and claimed the country for King Francois I of France, but it wasn't until 1642 that Paul de Chomedey established a modest mission post known as Ville Marie de Mont-Réal. This initial town is now the second-largest French-speaking metropolis in the world, Montréal.

Despite the city's vastness, tourist attractions in Montreal are located in relatively confined districts. Rue Sherbrooke, perhaps the city's most beautiful boulevard, is situated in the Centre-Ville (downtown) region, where you'll also find the city's major museums and art venues. It is the city's spine and home to several museums and other organizations. Rue Ste-Cathérine is the busiest shopping route in Montréal, packed with department stores, boutiques, and restaurants.

Each year, thousands of visitors visit Canada. Large cities such as Toronto, Quebec, and even the nation's capital, Ottawa, are among the most appealing tourist destinations that have contributed to Canada's tourism growth.

According to the website of Business Canada, the travel and tourism industry in Canada produces over seventy billion dollars and directly employs over six hundred thousand people. The Canadian travel and tourism sector is developing and offers several chances for new businesses to flourish.

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Before registering your travel business, you must acquire a degree or diploma in travel and tourism or hospitality from a recognized university.

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Posted on 11-Oct-2022

Start Travel Agency Business in Canada