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Travel Portal Development in Lubumbashi

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Introduction to the travel industry

Travel and tourism is a huge industry worldwide. In the Democratic Republic of Congo as well there is a large tourism market. Every year, many people from different corners of the world travel to Congo to enjoy the heritage architecture and the beautiful forests of the country. Now start-up developers have also noticed the immense scale of this industry and have started to invest heavily in the sphere. Physical offices of travel agents are being replaced by a gamut of modern, state of the art online travel portal solutions led by new age entrepreneurs working from home.

Scope for the travel industry in Lubumbashi

Lubumbashi is one Congo’s most populous cities. With its own zoo, some historical monuments and a beautiful natural lake, this city is a major tourist attraction in the area. Some of the other major cities of the Democratic Republic of Congo are Kinshasa and Mbuji-Mayi. Both these cities also have plenty of attractive sites and experiences for tourists with river banks, lakes and even volcanoes located close by.

In recent years many luxury hotels and resorts have also come up in these cities to cater to tourists who want to travel with the utmost comfort. These resorts bring together natural beauty and local culture with world-class amenities. More affordable travel solutions are also available in the country.

All these tourist accommodations have made Congo a hotspot for global tourist traffic and online travel portals are quickly capitalizing on this trend.

Trip Mega Mart: Congo’s leading travel portal design and development company

But even the most ambitious of entrepreneurs do not personally possess the software skills necessary to create B2B and B2C travel portals on their own. They need to hire and supervise skilled professional developers, which can become quite expensive.

So, the new travel start-up trend is to hire a white label travel portal development company like Trip Mega Mart that sells pre-built, customizable travel websites. The basic structure of the website can be chosen by clients out of a large white label catalogue and then the site is customized and delivered to clients within a week.

Trip Mega Mart websites are equipped with GDS integration service that can run highly efficient real-time flight booking engines, hotel booking engines, car rental systems and holiday package systems. Trip Mega Mart sites can also have a payment portal built into the software for safe and easy one-click transactions. Entrepreneur clients can pick out the features they want on their site and pay accordingly.

A major advantage of the Trip Mega Mart travel portal development service is the fact that there is only website that can run on mobile as well as computers and laptops. No need for separate mobile applications. Even the same website can be scaled according to the business preferences of the client, i.e., the same website can be used to access local, regional and also international clients as and when necessary.

But the USP of all Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions is their unique visual appeal. After the software build is completed, a dedicated team of designers starts to customize the portal. They add brand names, incorporate design elements that will appeal to the specific target audience of a particular business model. Clients who request additional customizations will have to pay extra for the service.

Trip Mega Mart customers only have one recurring expense for their business plan after the initial site purchase. This is the maintenance fee that every client has to pay annually (at rate of 25% of the total website cost). However, this support service from Trip Mega Mart is free for the first year after website purchase.

Contact Trip Mega Mart in Congo

A white label travel portal from a trusted provider like Trip Mega Mart can turn a lay man into a successful business owner almost over-night. Just a bit of planning and some clever marketing are all the tools that one needs to succeed with this kind of a low-investment business.

So, if you are a Congolese resident who plans to gain a foothold in the country’s travel and tourism industry, then a call to Trip Mega Mart is due already for you.

Posted on 31-Aug-2020

Travel Portal Solution in Democratic Republic of the Congo