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How GDS Integration Can Boost Your Travel Agency

How Gds Integration Can Boost Your Travel Agency.png


A lot of travel companies are using online tools to boost up their sales and customer base. One such tool is the GDS integration service or the Global Distribution System integration service. GDS is a central reservation system that travellers use to compare and reserve bookings for themselves. The system is connected globally to a network of Hotel Suppliers and Airline Suppliers so that customers can book real time and at dynamic prices. Today we are going to see how we can shift online and how a GDS integration service can actually help us gain better customers and ease our booking processes.

The Online Shift

For a new comer, shifting online can be a difficult process. As there are a whole lot of things to sort out before you can have your ready travel website for customer transactions. Let’s go through the steps to activating a ready website for your customers.

1.    Buy a domain: You will need to purchase a domain for yourself to Start your Online Travel Business Agency. This domain should be purchased according to the traffic you expect in your website. Consider going for at least 1 GB RAM however small your business maybe. And if you are planning for a big Travel Agency Softwarethen you may need cloud-based systems for yourself.

2.    Design your website: The next is to design your website so that customers get attracted to it and spend time in the website browsing through the different services you offer.

3.    Do SEO for your website: What good is a website if it can not reach your customers. Search engine optimisation is the next step so that people can find your website in the internet.

4.    GDS integration: Enable a GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel Integration system in your website with Hotel Booking Engine or Flight Booking Engine as per your requirement. You can also go for a Flight & Hotel Central Reservation System if you need both.

5.    Advertise yourself: SEO is not enough to reach customers and so it is also important to advertise in the right places. Google and social media ads can help you reach your full potential.

If you are not very sure if you can follow the process then you can always opt to take the help of a Travel Portal Development company for the job. I have always found Trip Mega Mart to be of immense help.

Changes you will notice

As you start your online agency, you will start noticing visible changes in your business. Let us look at the biggest changes you will notice.

  • Better management of customers
  • Reduction of errors
  • Reduced cost to company
  • Dynamic systems for instant booking.
  • Better commission management

Things to Consider

If you have convinced yourself by now that your offline system should be transferred to or at least complimented with an online system then you should consider some of the facts that may pose problems for you in the long run if neglected.

The first thing to consider is how dynamic your Flight and Hotel API Integration system is. The system should fetch any customer query within seconds so as to not detract any customers. You should provide a secure platform for your customers to transact from. The company you choose to work with should be reasonable with the Travel Website/Portal Development cost.

The final thing to be aware of is the reputation and the market trust of the company as there are a number of fraudulent companies in the market. Trust one of them and you will be scammed before you even know it.

Trip Mega Mart is one of the best companies out there doing the job. The systems that they build are really dynamic and respond to any customer query within seconds. They are one of the best White Label Travel Portal Development companies out there. The cost of development is also USD 1000 which is far less as compared to other companies who charge up to USD 2400 for the same services. The customer support system too is really good if you encounter any glitch. And considering the decade long experience they have, the reliability is unquestionable.

Posted on 06-Apr-2015

Travel Portal Development