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White Label Travel Portal in Mombasa

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Mombasa is a metropolitan city of Kenya that has a rich history of invasions. The city is now a popular place where thousands of tourists can be seen enjoying the sea foods, water sports, national parks, and luxurious hotels. Mombasa offers a unique blend of culture and modernization. Tourists of varying taste find things in this city that satisfy their quest.

Apart from Mombasa, there are other cities in Kenya where travel agents looking to start travel agency online can find several business opportunities. Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru, Malindi, Eldoret, Lamu, and Naivasha are some of the other popular names that fall in the list of major contributors to the tourism of Kenya. All these cities witness tourists from various lands. This creates the need for agents to use a single platform with which they can connect with the travelers.

Why White Label Travel Portal in Mombasa?

There are different kinds of travel portals that agents can build for their business. However, a white label platform has some distinctive features that makes them quite beneficial for a travel business.

Easy Integration

Travel portals are quite easy to integrate with multiple service providers. If your agency deals with a holiday package system, then you would need to partner with hotels, airlines, car rentals, and other essential travel products. With travel portals the process of integration becomes hassle free, especially when you have professionals like Trip Mega Mart involved in building the portal for you.

Business Expansion

With the help of a GDS integration service you can access the service of all leading suppliers. This, in turn, will help you to grow your business effectively. With the accessibility of various service providers, you can make a wide range of products available to your customers. This will not just help you to increase your sales, but will also let you connect with more customers.

Expert Assistance

Opting for a travel portal solution gives you the opportunity to work with individuals who have expertise in building efficient travel portals. You can gain useful insight into the technicality of the travel industry to understand it better. Moreover, you can seek assistance from the experts in resolving technical issues of your portal. Trip Mega Mart offers assistance to travel agents after delivering the portal so that they are able to navigate through the platform without any difficulty.

Mandatory Features of Portals

There are certain features that help in enhancing the usefulness of a portal for travel businesses.

Mobile Friendly - It is important that your portal has compatibility with mobile devices. This will allow travelers to access the platform from any device of their choice. It will also let them make reservations even when they are not on their desktop. A skilled travel mobile application development company such as Trip Mega Mart can help you to build a mobile friendly portal.

Virtual Reality - Letting customers take a virtual tour of the hotel or location that they book for can be a very attractive feature of a travel portal. Virtual tours help travelers to gain a 360-degree view of places that are less known. Travelers can use the obtained information for making better decisions in terms of choosing a location.

Choice of Payment - Different customers will have different references for making payment. You need to have a portal that supports all major modes of payment. You can hire experts like Trip Mega Mart who will integrate a secure payment gateway to your platform.

Filters - A travel agency software must have relevant filter options that would help customers to narrow down search results. There must be options to search for products based on specific budget, location, and other preferences of customers.

Favorite List - Adding desired travel products to wish lists is another important feature that you must consider for your tourism portal development. This feature will help travelers to bookmark their favorite travel products so that they can refer to them anytime without having to search for them again.

By adding these crucial features to your portal, you can make it an indispensable tool to start travel business online. Portals can help you to expand your business, work with industry experts, and add several products seamlessly to the platform.

Posted on 22-Jul-2022

Travel Portal Development in Kenya