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White Label Travel Portal in Cape Town

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Cape Town is one of the most visited cities in South Africa. National parks, museums, mountains, beaches, and outdoor activities are among its major attractions. The popularity of the place draws travelers from different regions. This makes it important for agents to opt for a tourism portal development to ensure they are able to provide a good service to travelers.

Apart from Cape Town, there are various other cities in South Africa that serve as significant contributors to the country's tourism industry. Saint Lucia, for instance, is a place regarded by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Tourists get to watch some of the rarest species of the world in this part of the country. Pietermaritzburg is another major city of South Africa that has a great combination of flora and fauna. The city also has a historic center that is filled with spectacular monuments. Known as the city of roses, Bloemfontein is another destination where agents willing to start travel business online can find many opportunities to grow their business.

Benefits ofWhite Label Travel Portal in Cape Town

Using a white label platform can have a lot of benefits for your travel business.

Collaboration with Experts

Portals allow agents to partner with experts in the technical field and obtain an efficient technology-based platform for their travel businesses. A white label travel portal development involves the services of industry experts who know what technologies are crucial for dealing with the challenges of the industry. With companies like Trip Mega Mart you can add various technologies to your portal and optimize the performance of your business.

Instant Booking

Using a GDS integration service you can process booking requests instantly and also confirm their status to customers without keeping them on hold for too long. With expert portal developers like Trip Mega Mart you can implement features like sending email or text notifications to customers to ensure that you are able to communicate with them the status of their purchase requests much faster.


With the help of a GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration, you can access the services of leading providers at discounted prices. You can then offer different package deals to your customers. Competition in the travel industry is quite fierce now. Travelers are always looking for better deals and comparing them to find the most suitable ones. If you are not able to offer attractive deals like cash backs or coupon vouchers to your customers, you can have difficulty in moving ahead of your competitors.

Cost Friendly

White label platforms are extremely cost effective. You can launch your business using these platforms without spending time on working on the basics. Companies like Trip Mega Mart offer a travel portal solution that has several essential features pre-integrated on them. You can, however, choose to customize the platform based on your specific requirements. There are various template options that you can choose from. You can also scale your business more efficiently and keep your expenses on check.

How to Get Develop a Website?

Building a travel portal requires experts who know the travel industry well. There are certain key features of a travel portal development company that you must check before hiring for developing your portal.

Knowledge - The development company must have knowledge of the domain that you are hiring for. Having a general knowledge might not be sufficient to address the challenges of the industry. It might be more helpful for you to have a team that is expert in the domain.

Feedback - You must check the review of the company you are seeking to hire. You can check with its prior or existing clients. Testimonials and reviews on third party websites are some of the sources where you can look for obtaining information.

Development Cost - Travel website/portal development cost varies across companies. You need to check if the features you are being offered are worth the price quoted. With companies like TripMega Mart, you get an uncompromised quality for an affordable price.

Hiring a company that is suitable for your needs is important in order to get the desired outcome from your portal. If you have an efficient travel portal, you can partner with multiple service providers, offer good deals to customers, and operate with minimum expenses.

Posted on 20-Jul-2022

White Label Travel Portal in South Africa