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White Label Travel Portal in Sharjah

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Why are tourists visiting Sharjah for a different taste of UAE?

Sharjah is a major city in the United Arab Emirates. It too participates in the glamorous luxury that has become characteristic of UAE. But Sharjah is still able to stand out from its other contemporaries because this city has a very strong cultural life. Filled with museums and galleries that paint a picture of its Arabic past, Sharjah gives tourists a different perspective to enjoy UAE. But tourists who also enjoy the shine of luxury and top-brands of the world should not miss out on other UAE cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In recent years, Sharjah has placed itself firmly on the world tourism map and does not seem like it will budge anytime soon. White label travel portals in Sharjah is utilizing this trend to turn into profit making business ventures under the leadership of innovative entrepreneurs.

Why keep wasting money on physical infrastructure when a digital platform can provide even wider access?

No one wants to spend more on unnecessary things. So, huge travel agency offices with proper infrastructure and a team of agents are also going out of style. Business owners are shifting gears to the much more convenient and affordable option of building online travel businesses that they can run from their home without any additional infrastructural cost.

The emergence of pre-made and customizable white label travel portals is further simplifying the process. Trip Mega Mart is Sharjah’s leading travel portal design and development company, churning out successful businesses from its portfolio of pre-designed white label website frameworks.

Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions portfolio is very reasonably priced. Clients can pay for additional customizations beyond those included in the initial website price. There is a support service from Trip Mega Mart at 25% of the website cost every year. The support service is free for the first year after purchase when the client is trying to using marketing and drive traffic to their travel portal from various countries and parts of the world.

Trip Mega Mart business clients also get some control over their website. They can choose the scale of their site, whether they want to be available to only local or regional or all international clients. There is also a whole gamut of admin access features that allow clients to keep their website content updated by themselves without having to consult any software coders.

What it’s like to pair up withTrip Mega Mart travel portal solutions

Some of the features that help Trip Mega Mart sites stand out from other competitors in the market include their real-time and high-speed booking engines that run on the best GDS integration service available in the market.

Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal development includes a flight and hotel central reservation system, a car rental system and maybe even a holiday package system. When Trip Mega Mart creates B2B and B2C travel portals, the developers make sure to build a native payment gateway into the system to process transactions with full security.

The design of all Trip Mega Mart sites is also very user-friendly and intuitive. The final customized end-product is made is look beautiful and pleasing to the eye for the target customers that the business owner has designated. The web designers add the business name and logo chosen by each client alongside some other basic design elements the client picks out from the portfolio.

Clients sometimes want to make some big design changes to their site and have to pay extra. Some clients who are looking for travel agency software even pay a little more to add some integrated travel agent portals within their agency website.

Trip Mega Mart sites operate beautifully on almost all devices and they provide a low investment method for success in the business world. Clients do not have to worry about any day to day expenses except for the annual maintenance fee. Just marketing and advertising to the right clientele can easily turn a simple white label portal into a well-loved customer brand.

So, do not waste time any longer, help to put Sharjah on the global tourism map with your creative ideas by purchasing your very first online travel portal solution from Trip Mega Mart. Make your call to Trip Mega Mart today and get a free online consultation about what features and designs will best suit your business vision.

Posted on 06-Jun-2022

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