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Travel Portal Development in Saudi Arabia

Travel Portal Development In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, the Land of Liquid Gold

The official name of Saudi Arabia is “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”. When we think of Saudi Arabia, we picture it as a country with vast deserts, date palms, and oil fields. It is not so.  The country’s capital is Riyadh and is comparable with any modern capital in the world. Apart from Riyadh, there are major cities in Saudi Arabia, which include Jedda, Mecca, Medina, Al Khobar, Dammam, Al Ahsa, etc.

Saudi Arabia is now an ultra-modern country with an affluent population of just over 3.4 crores and a thriving industrial base. Their exports include Mineral fuels, Plastics, Plastic articles, Organic chemicals, Inorganic chemicals, Aluminium, Fertilizers, etc. 

Holy Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia 

The country is considered as the seat of Islam since the religion was started in this country. It houses many Islamic holy sites, and the faithful from different countries make trips to pray and worship. The most important holy places in Saudi Arabia are Mecca and Medina. Millions of followers of Islam come to this country every year, especially to visit

  • Mecca, where the Holy Kaaba is located

  • Medina Prophets Mosque 

  • Medina Quiblatain Mosque 

Major Challenges for Tourist Agencies

The influx of millions of travelers has given travel agents, airlines, and other allied industries challenges that can only be addressed by a robust and efficient web-based system that will efficiently handle the tourist traffic. This situation is ideal for grabbing this opportunity to enter the flight and hotel central reservation system business

Start Online Travel Business Agency

A comprehensive tourism web-based application will be required to ensure a smooth and robust management of all matters related to tourism. It should automate the process and activities of the travel agency and its customer details. All activities of the agency, including traveling and sightseeing. Some of the key features of the web-based application should include:

  • The application should have social media links 

  • Should be able to modify or delete tourist data

  • Should have detailed information on inbound and outbound tourism packages

  • Should offer a wide range of travel services, including ticketing, car hire, hotel booking, guided tours, airport and railway transfers, visa advice, food preferences, and other services  

  • Provide up-to-date information about any laws. 

  • Customs list of banned items like alcohol, drugs, and other substances are not allowed into the country. 

  • Should be able to handle the business as well as the casual holiday-maker. 

  • It should be user-friendly and easy to use.

  • The web-based application should be designed as a module covering different functions of the tourism business. Some of the modules include Car Rental System, Flight and Hotel Central Reservation System, Holiday Package System, Travel Agency Software.

Selecting a Developer Who Will Provide Total Travel Portal Solution

With scores of web application developers around, identifying a reliable web-based developer is a challenge.  Fortunately, help is at hand. This is where Trip Mega Mart comes in. It is a B2B White Label Travel Portal application developer. Trip Mega Mart is a reliable and sought-after Travel portal development company. They design high-quality websites and applications. It is for this reason that they have an impressive list of clients which is steadily growing. 

Posted on 12-Aug-2013

White Label Travel Portal in Saudi Arabia