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Use of Bitcoin in Travel Industry

Use Of Bitcoin In Travel Industry

The tech world has actually had a very large impact on travel industry. The shift from offline agencies to online agencies booking for customers in real time through the internet and accepting payments online is a revolution that this industry has seen. After people find out How to get develop a website, there still remains a lot of work to be done.

A static website is of very less use. Making a dynamic website that accepts real time bookings is the next step. Now, after the digital revolution, the online agencies are slowly accepting cryptocurrencies as payment. Cryptocurrencies are not like other modes of transactions. They have a value that is agreed upon each time a transaction is made.

This is why it is difficult to steal cryptocurrency. The problems of fraud while transacting with Hotel Suppliers and Airline Suppliers can be met easily. This is why most of these suppliers accept Bitcoins nowadays.

So let us look a little more into how cryptocurrency is entering the world of travel and how We can benefit from it.

Scope of Cryptocurrency in Travel Industry

After people Create B2B & B2C Travel website/portal, customers start making transactions on their website and buy services from them. The payment options are multiple. Card payments are generally secure and offer you a good flexibility. However, some companies accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from their Flight & Hotel Central Reservation System. This way, the companies can gain a 2-layer security.

Outside threats like scammers who are there to hack into your system and take your money cannot do so with bitcoin. The system works very differently with crypto. This second layer of security is that you can control internal spending to. This way you are saving more.

Current Uses of Bitcoin in Travel

Currently, the use of bitcoin is not much in the industry but is gaining pace with time. Some of the banks are even exchanging cryptocurrencies like bitcoin for hard cash. Tourism Portal Development companies can also help you develop systems to accept payments in Bitcoins.

If you look at a currency of any country that is used in the present days, then you will see that its value is based on how well the economy is working. But with the borderless presence of Bitcoin, the value is always intact.

Travel Companies Starting Bitcoin Early

With the advent of the tech revolution, everything is going digital. So is the payment term. Today, Bitcoin is rather used like a digital form of gold rather than money. It is kept so as to exchange at the time of need. But other cryptocurrencies are giving SWIFT and PayPal, a run for their work with the ease of transfer and exchange.

Travel Portal Development Company to provide Bitcoin Support

There are a number of Travel Website/Portal Design & Development companies that can help you with setting up a system that supports cryptocurrencies. Trip Mega Mart is a White label Travel Portal Development company providing all services to support cryptocurrencies in the digital platform. In addition to that, the company provides all the services needed for starting Online Travel Business Agency and Flight & Hotel API integration services.

The Best Company for your Website Development

Most companies can charge up to 2400 USD for a portal development, so you should always think twice before employing any company. Trip Mega Mart charges 1000 USD for the whole year including all support service charges. This is relatively very low if you compare with the industry leaders.

But just being good with money will not do. Your company also needs to provide you a dynamic website. Trip Mega Mart always delivers systems that are dynamic enough to respond to any customer queries within seconds. In addition to this, the sites are very user friendly and easy to handle.

The company has about a decade worth of experience and more than 900 customers, so you can be sure of their genuineness and professionalism.

Today a big problem in the internet is fraud. It is present everywhere, so before you employ anyone to do your work, it is advised to check all credentials first. This goes for transactions too, that is where cryptocurrencies may come to your aid. But the remaining is up to you.

Posted on 02-May-2016

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