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White Label Travel Portal in Montreal

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Canada’s second largest city, Montreal, is named after Mt. Royal that is situated right at the center of the city. This triple peaked hill is quite a tourist attraction for people who visit this picturesque city from all over the world. This beautiful city is positionedin the Saint Lawrence River on an island. Montreal hosts a number of international events every year and therefore is widely visited.

Other noteworthy cities in the North American country of Canada are Quebec City, Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa. These cities are not only blessed with magnificentnatural beauty but have huge companies that have invested in businesses here. Canada has the longest coastline in the world with fabulous beaches along with the majestic Rocky Mountains.

To start travel agency business online in Montreal, the following are some general steps.

Company formation

You will have to conclude on the type of travel agency you plan to start before setting up a travel agency business inMontreal. You can always rely on a Trip Mega Mart travel portal solution irrespective of the type of travel business you decide to operate. There are many ideas to start online travel agency business. Get expert advice on company formation experts. Research the market on which is the niche you plan to fulfill.

Get a good catchy company name that is relevant

Choosing the company matters – this is how to start travel business online inMontrealwith a big marketing splash! In the travel business, the cover is as important as the content. That’s why so many businesses choose Trip Mega Mart travel portals. Because not only are they appealing sites, they are functionally rich as well. If your company name is like another company name, then your company name won’t be approved.

Business license application

Proper approval is required for business license applications. Post-which, you can setup your Trip Mega Mart travel portal for your online travel agency in Montreal. The license approval process is online and automated, making it very easy for you to start travel business from home inMontreal. You will need to provide your passport copies, certificate of incorporation, and memorandum of association. These are some of the basic documents. Depending on the business sector you are catering, the process might require additional documents. You might need to seek approval from other departments too.

Tourism license application

You are almost there! Your Trip Mega Mart travel portal solution is all ready to start helping travelers make bookings. The license received might vary depending on the nature of the business. You will need to provide your business plan, criminal record certificates, no object certificate etc. Then not to forget, you always have your White Label travel portal inMontrealready, so that these authorities know that you are ready to take bookings right away.

Employee visa applications

Your travel portal from Trip Mega Mart is all up and running. But you might need employees to assist you. Ensure that if your employees are entering the country, you apply for their employee visas within 30 days. Once the employee visa is issued, the visa can be activated by the employees.

Opening a corporate bank account

It’s almost done. Despite all this process, you never need to worry about a portal, because Trip Mega Mart travel portal was readily available. That’s why travel start-ups ideas in Montreal succeed because of solutions such as these. However, to operate your travel agency, you will need a corporate bank account. There could be a minimum continuous balance requirement. Banks might require license papers, memorandum of association, and company board of directors’ resolution etc.,for you to be able to operate a corporate account in the name of your company. Once this is complete, you are set to begin.

Online white label travel portal development provides a cheap and easy solution to make the travel opportunities in Montreal available to a wide market of tourists. White label travel portals in Montreal provide a modern, digital business venture for those ambitious Canadian who are eager to contribute to their country’s economy.

Do not wait any longer. Take a lead in the travel and tourism market of Canada by booking your first consultation with Trip Mega Mart today.

Posted on 25-Apr-2022

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