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White Label Travel Portal in Washington

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Help tourists fully experience the capital of the United States of America

Washington D.C. is the capital of USA. This city acts as the administrative center of America and houses the White House, the Capitol and the Supreme Court. Security is very strict in this city, but tourists can visit and feel awed by the strength and integrity of these symbolic structures. There are a number of museums and guided tours in the city as well to give tourists a full understanding about the global import of the different buildings in Washington. Besides Washington, some other popular tourist haunts in USA are New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to make travelling to USA easier for international tourists then you can make use of white label travel portals in Washington to become a successful travel business owner.

How to run a travel business from your bedroom with a white label portal

Nowadays entrepreneurs in Washington are using white label travel portals from reputed companies like Trip Mega Mart to start their online travel agency. Trip Mega Mart offers a variety of pre-designed and pre-developed portals that can be customized to fit the needs of different clients. Trip Mega Mart’s range of white label travel portal solutions is also quite affordable. It is much cheaper to own a white label portal than build a new website.

There is no recurring overhead on a white label business either. Clients only pay a small maintenance fee for the support service from Trip Mega Mart’s travel portal development team (25% of website price). The maintenance cost is free for 12 months after purchase of the site.

With just some basic marketing and advertising strategies a business owner can easily transform their business from a simple website into a thriving e-commerce platform. Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal development is scalable and multi-device compatible. Each site can operate at a local/international level and also operates at the same speed plus responsiveness on all devices.

But the main reason why Trip Mega Mart portals stand out from other travel agency software is because of the simple, user-friendly design and highly effective booking engines of these sites.

Booking engines and portal designing

Trip Mega Mart sites have the potential to become a comprehensive one-stop destination for all travelers. There are flight booking engines and hotel booking engines built into the sites that operate in real time and show updates from different suppliers using XML, GDS and API flight and hotel integration.

Trip Mega Mart is known for using the highest quality of GDS Integration service available in the market. Some other GDS powered features that clients can add to their Trip Mega Mart portal include car rental systems and holiday package systems.

A mandatory feature of all Trip Mega Mart sites is the payment portal. This system is built keeping in mind the security and privacy concerns of customers. The majority of popular third-party payment gateways can also be integrated with these sites.

Some other interesting features that Trip Mega Mart clients can add to their website include a gamut of admin access for non-coding changes, individual travel agent portals, etc.

Trip Mega Mart travel portal solutions are also coveted by business owners because of their design strength. The designs are very beautiful with particular themes that clients can choose from. But all the themes are intuitive and are very easy to use. Trip Mega Mart also adds individualized branding to each and every single website before delivery.

The sites are fully customized and delivered within seven days. Investment is low and business owners have full freedom to decide how they want their site to look and what features the site will have.

Trip Mega Mart is ideal for people with a zeal for entrepreneurship, but those who lack sufficient experience in the field. A Trip Mega Mart portal is a complete business model with all the necessity requirements needed to start earning profits as soon as the site goes live. So book a consultation with your Washington Trip Mega Mart agent today and become the entrepreneur that you had always dreamed of becoming as a child.

Posted on 16-Jan-2023

White Label Travel Portal in USA