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Tie up to the Top Company in UAE that Changes your Travel Agency Business

Tie Up To The Top Company In Uae That Changes Your Travel Agency Business.

Trip Mega Mart is one of the prestigious online travel portal development company based in UAE. They design and develop white label travel portal considering current trends of the travel industry. They help your business connect to a wide range of hotel accommodation options with up-to-date information for both budget and top-tier reservations. Through versatile hotel booking solutions development, we aim towards building better relations with our partners. Their bus reservation solutions integrate Bus API that gives updated information about the bus schedule, bus routes, seat availability, etc. The bus booking systems are backed up with highly advanced algorithms and round the clock support services.

There are 100’s of travel portal development company. You have to make sure you approach the best travel technology company. And one of the best travel technology company which I know is Trip Mega Mart. They provide innovative travel technology solutions that help travel companies earn more from travel bookings. Travel agents can partner with them by choosing from one of the many unique travel technology solutions they offer.

Trip Mega Mart is a reputed travel portal development company that offers you a complete travel software solution. Whether it's about developing travel portal software or online booking software, they make sure that you are equipped with the latest techniques which help to run your travel companies more efficiently.

Features of Trip Mega Mart include:

  • Developing a highly functional flight booking engine, flight booking API, Galileo API, Sabre API,Amadeus API, etc. for travel operators and travel companies.
  • Providing end-to-end airline reservation solutions to manage inventory, ticket reservations and bookings all under one roof.
  • Design and develop white label travel portal considering current trends of the travel industry.
  • Helps business connect to a wide range of hotel accommodation options with up-to-date information or both budget and top-tier reservations.
  • The bus booking systems are backed up with highly advanced algorithms and round the clock support services.

There are lots and lots of Travel Portals out there but you possibly cannot count all. Most of them are amazingly good while some have just no comparison to others, since they come with extraordinary features and innovations, and most interactive User Interface. Every extraordinary travel website is putting best of their assets and resources to develop something really out of the box and one among them is Trip Mega Mart.

It is the leading travel technology company globally and it serves travel companies across continents. Trip Mega Mart partners with clients to provide strong distribution capabilities - B2B/B2C / B2B2C, automate travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and feature a unique standardization element.

In order to tie-up with the big travel portal development company, first, we need to decide which is the best one among the bunch of companies & in order to access that, we need to look for the following parameters like projects they have worked on, clients they are currently serving or they have already served, whether they serve domestic clients only or are serving clients from across the world or their client reviews as well as go through their published websites.

The best travel portal development company always comes up with the best travel software solution. Trip Mega Mart is one of the most respected and experienced companies in the industry who offer a wide variety of travel solutions to the business travel, online retail sales & B2B reseller. Trip Mega Mart is well known in the travel industry for delivering unique and quality online booking systems as per the requirements of the clients & according to the latest travel trends in the market.

A travel agency website can integrate as many API/XML integrations as possible. Getting as many API/XML integration for a single travel agency website depends on many factors such as:

1. The competitive price of the ticket provided by the API

2. Technical Support and documentation during the integration of the API

3. Availability of the B2B, B2C, or B2B2C models is essential for a travel agency.

All this brings us to the one trusted and highly convenient travel integration provider by the name of Trip Mega Mart a B2B Travel portal development company with an easy-to-use interface that responds instantly with travel agency software integration, will surely help in GDS API integration of your travel company. This company is experienced in creating travel portal websites and applications with API solutions providing transparent and secure portal development GDS Integration Service such as GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel Integration. They have API integration for airline suppliers, hotel suppliers, bus bookings, Flight Booking Engine, Hotel Booking Engine, car rental system, and holiday package system.

The most cost-effective way to develop a B2B or B2C travel portal with GDS integration is to purchase a white label travel portal. The top white label travel portal development company is Trip Mega Mart. Their websites come with GDS, XML & API flight and hotel integration. Car rental systems and holiday package systems can also be added. Trip Mega Mart develops travel mobile applications also.

But their services are also very reasonably priced, thereby making them a sought-after travel portal solution company. A B2C website costs a minimum of Rs 30,000 and prices can go up to Rs 60,000. There are different plans for B2C websites at different price points. Each plan has a different number of features and different degree of customization. A B2B2C travel agent portal can also be added to the website by paying an additional Rs 15,000. Annual maintenance charged by Trip Mega Mart is just 25% of the original website cost.

Posted on 20-Feb-2017

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