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How Travel Technology is Revolutionizing the Travel and Tourism Industry

How Travel Technology Is Revolutionizing The Travel And Tourism Industry.png

Advances in technology created by Trip Mega Mart Travel Portal Development Company have changed the way people travel. The new technological developments have eased many of the long pending problems associated with travel and travelers. Presently, travel and technology are two sides of the same coin. Travelers use technology for all aspects of travel. And technology exists to facilitate all of the traveler’s needs.

How have millennials changed the face of travel?

The paradigm shift towards using a travel portal solution became significant because millennials started using travel tech extensively. Millennials have a strong desire to travel, explore the world, immerse into the experiences, and use the latest travel tech. Their interest triggers new travel development ideas, travel blogs, travel itineraries, and newer ways to manage travelers.

Because of the varying needs of the millennials, travel agencies have always found it challenging to keep up to their needs. They work with Trip Mega Mart to help create B2B & B2C travel website/portal. They have discarded their manual processes, in favor of automated travel portals by Trip Mega Mart White label Travel Portal Development. By way of the portals, they are able to manage their services better. The travel industry by large has begun digitally transforming itself, to keep pace with the demands of the modern millennial traveler.

Which type of travel technology solutions have impacted or are impactful for the tourism industry?

Mobile tech

Cell phone apps for travel are preferred by travelers when on the move. So anyone planning to start online travel business agency can use Trip Mega Mart mobile development tech for this. Mobile travel technology with flight & hotel API integration can help travelers with guidance, location assistance, tour advice, bookings, and more.

With just a tap of an app or a voice command, all services are available immediately. Travel and tours operators who plan to start travel agency online with Trip Mega Mart technology can create an omnichannel experience for travelers. To start travel business online they can integrate their services for traveler consumption across all social media channels. This means that travelers can transparently travel, leaving enough breadcrumbs of their activity on their social media feeds. They can also communicate to service providers using any or all of their social media channels.

Virtual assistants

Chatbot technology has increased the level of personalization in interactions with travelers. Virtual assistance is a type of chatbot technology that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. The virtual assistant learns about traveler behaviors and their needs.

An automated virtual assistant can co-exist in a portal or be integrated as a service similar to GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel Integration. Trip Mega Mart travel technology company can build this capability. This type of capability can be part of several other capabilities of the travel agency software such as flight booking engine, hotel booking engine, holiday package system, car rental system, flight & hotel central reservation system etc.

When a traveler requests for information, the virtual assistant is able to provide the traveler with the most updated information. This is even if this information was generated from other sources only a few minutes ago.

Virtual assistance can also be human-assistance. Dedicated virtual assistants help travelers via a travel agency’s travel portal. Trip Mega Mart travel portal development company can build this type of module. There could be a team of human virtual assistants managing travelers via a travel portal. The travel portal technology enables uninterrupted interactions, video calls, and recordings.

5G networks

Travel technology such as mobile apps, IoT devices etc. can benefit from 5G technology. This technology enables faster upload and download speeds. 5G is perfect for modern advances in travel technology such as immersive tourism and video walkthroughs.

Augmented reality or panoramic live views of streets and cities are becoming popular with travelers who want a pre-experience look-through of a place. Using the services of a travel website/portal design & development company such features can be built at low feature or travel website/portal development cost.

5G networks can make it easier to make bookings, flight reservations, change travel itineraries, reserve restaurant seats, book shows, and find accommodations faster. Importantly, 5G allows more social sharing. Travelers can post their videos while they travel. Another important aspect is that 5G helps travelers avail emergency services faster. Being well-connected is to feel safe and travel safe.


Travel technology, especially travel portals, have changed the way people experience travel. Because travel portals allow travel agencies and travelers manage tours better, travel has become more than just visiting places. It has become a way for immersing into experiences that go beyond mere sightseeing. As much as web portal, mobile apps are becoming important. So, a travel agency can use the services of a travel mobile application development company cum travel website/portal development company to build them a robust technology platform.

Posted on 05-Feb-2018

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