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Expand your Brand Reach with White Label Travel Portal Development

Expand Your Brand Reach With White Label Travel Portal Development

Online travel portal solutions are all the rage now among international tourists. It is easy to just book and plan all your travel-related requirements right from the comfort of your own home. Many online start-up travel businesses have come up to cater to these needs. In order to make their brand stand out from the competition travel brands are now looking to create the most impressive and user-friendly travel websites.

How to start a travel business online?

The first step for any online travel business is a good website to bring in customer traffic. Travel websites have some essential requirements like real-time information to connect with a flight and hotel central reservation system. In order to activate this feature travel websites need to purchase GDS integration services from GDS API suppliers. But GDS suppliers have very rigid guidelines for the websites they service. It is difficult for a travel agency to develop such a complex website all on its own. For this reason most travel brands seek the help of a white label travel portal development company.

These companies create B2B and B2C travel websites that have GDS integration. All travel website essentials are built into the websites. A client business only has to purchase the features they like and a fully functional travel website is delivered to them customized with their own name, logo and branding.

The client travel business only has to market their brand to customers and draw travelers and tourists to their GDS integrated travel portal.

Pick the top global travel portal development company

As the market for online travel portals has grown, more and more travel portal design and development companies have come up. But one of the best names in the business that is trusted by travel businesses all around the globe is Trip Mega Mart. Their websites provide top-quality service at the best speeds and with excellent user-interface designs.

Trip Mega Mart is also known for their quick deliver times. Once the booking has been made, a fully GDS API integrated travel website, with all necessary customizations is delivered within just a few working days.

Travel portal development costs for white label travel portals

There are different price points for white label travel portals. But Trip Mega Mart gives some of the most competitive travel portal prices without any compromise on quality and efficiency. 

The average price for a white label travel website with basic travel needs and GDS integration is around 1000$

The white label websites are divided into different price plans depending on the kind of features available. As the price for the plans go up, so do the number of features for the websites

  • The average price of a website is 1000$. But there are plans that cost less and plans that cost more than this and clients can choose according to their own budgets
  • Every client is charged 25% of the basic website plan as annual maintenance fee. This fee ensures continued GDS integration service for the travel website.

Online travel portals are a low investment business. Once a business has the travel agency software, they can easily rake in huge amounts of profits with good business planning and smart marketing strategies.

Online travel portals have removed the barrier of distance from the travel business market. It is now possible to start an online travel agency from anywhere in the world and cater to international tourists planning vacations to different corners of the globe. So start your own travel brand today and become a global business leader.

Posted on 19-Oct-2015

White Label Travel Portal Development