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How to clone a famous crowdfunding website

How To Clone A Famous Crowdfunding Website


A crowdfunding website is a platform used to raise funds or money for different purposes. Crowdfunding website development is a process done by different crowdfunding platforms, which provides many scripts to create these websites. Crowdfunding website development is done with crowdsourcing website development. A crowdsourcing website development develops or raises information and skills for those purposes of crowdfunding website development. Many types of websites raise funds for different purposes. A crowdfunding website development raises funds or money for some specific projects. A fundraiser website development and fundraising website development raise funds and money for charity purposes. These are generally a charity website development or a donation website development. All of the funds, money, and charity raised in these crowdfunding websites are from a group of people like family, friends, and investors. 

Various crowdfunding platforms are used to clone these crowdfunding website developments. These clones are Kickstarter clone, Indiegogo clone, Fundly clone, Fundable clone, Pozible clone, Ketto clone, Impactguru clone, and many more. All of these clones have various crowdfunding scripts you can use for your crowdfunding website development. It is possible to clone some famous crowdfunding websites with the help of these crowdfunding platforms. 

How to use clones for your crowdfunding website development? 

Several crowdfunding platforms provide various ways to clone some famous crowdfunding websites. Let us discuss these crowdfunding platforms and use these platforms to clone a famous crowdfunding website development. The crowdfunding platforms which we are going to discuss are:

  • Kickstarter clone

  • Indiegogo clone

  • Fundly clone

  • Fundable clone

  • Pozible clone

  • Ketto clone

  • Impactguru clone

Kickstarter clone

Kickstarter clone is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms, which has various everyday languages. This clone is generally used to design websites with a creative niche. Kickstarter is also one of the famous crowdfunding websites which generate funds for various businesses. This crowdfunding platform has several famous clones that can quickly raise funds and money, just like Kickstarter. Kickstarter clone will help to raise funds and money for crowdfunding website development, fundraising website development, or fundraiser website development

Kickstarter clone is fully customizable according to your needs and requirements. Features that this Kickstarter clone provides are:

  • Multiple social logins. 

  • Easy to use dashboard

  • Advanced search options

  • Admin panel with stunning features

  • CSV and XLS Export

  • Responsive design for websites

To clone this famous crowdfunding website to your crowdfunding website development, you must install the zip files. Download its CDN to configure these scripts on your website or host manually. This crowdfunding website has various famous crowdfunding website development for fundraiser website development and charity website development. This clone cannot be used for commercial purposes. 

Indiegogo clone

Indiegogo clone is another famous crowdfunding website that generates funds for any nonprofit organization. This clone is also used for raising funds for any startup projects its ideas. This clone has also been used to create crowdsourcing website development. Indiegogo clones have various scripts which can easily be installed on the host of your website. It is generally used for fundraising website development or fundraising website development. This clone can be customizable as per the website requirements. To clone this famous crowdfunding website, you have to help the deployment assistant of this Indiegogo clone. 

Fundly clone

Fundly clone is a donation website development platform. Fundly has so many user-friendly scripts for crowdfunding website development. You use one of these user-friendly scripts and launch it on your crowdfunding website. This will clone a fundly script to your crowdfunding website development. It can also clone scripts for crowdsourcing website development. Fundly clone is the most trusted crowdfunding platform to raise funds for several events, projects, businesses, and donations. In a fundly clone, many investors invest their money with the most successful equity-based crowdfunding website development. 

Fundable clone

Fundable clone is a crowdsourcing website development with various venture capital. If someone wants a clone for crowdsourcing website development, then a fundable clone has so many options. You generally have to raise ideas for businesses in this type of clone. This clone offers scripts for both reward-based crowdfunding website development and equity-based crowdfunding website development. You have to use the fundable scripts with some customization to clone this famous crowdfunding website

Pozible clone

Pozible clone generally allows four types of crowdfunding website development. These are charity website development, donation website development, equity-based website development, and reward-based website development. Pozible is a famous Australian crowdfunding website that has various successful scripts. These scripts can be used to clone this famous crowdfunding website for you. The success rate of this famous Australian crowdfunding website is 58%. To clone this famous script on your website, you have to launch this on your website with some customization according to your business needs. 

Ketto clone

Ketto clone has various scripts for charity website development or donation website development. These scripts are ideal for raising funds and money for any medical purposes. The funds raised with this clone are generally from the known people. To clone this script, you have to login into this clone website and start your website with customization. There are various scripts for fundraiser website development or fundraising website development. 

Impactguru clone

Inpactguru clone is a famous crowdfunding platform that is used for medical emergencies. It has raised numerous funds for medical emergencies. These scripts are generally used for charity website development or donation website development. The best thing about this impact guru clone is it charges nothing for its platform fee. To clone this impact guru script on your website, you have to import the scripts on your website. This way, you can clone this famous crowdfunding website development


A crowdfunding website is used to generate and raise funds for various medical issues, start a business, and many more. To have a good crowdfunding website development, we have various crowdfunding platforms which provide scripts for it. These platforms are Kickstarter clone, Indiegogo clone, Fundly clone, Fundable clone, Pozible clone, Ketto clone, Impactguru clone, and many more. Using these platforms, we can easily clone a famous crowdfunding website. You can customize all these clones according to your website needs and requirements.

Posted on 10-Feb-2022