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10 amazing features of job portal development everyone should know

10 Amazing Features Of Job Portal Development Everyone Should Know

Are you looking for features that take your job portal to the next level of excellence? If yes, then you are in the perfect place. As the current job-seeking trends benefit from online services, the importance of a magnificent job portal design has boosted. Thereby, everyone must know the advanced features that make your portal attractive and friendly to seekers and recruiters. Keep reading, and I will curtain up these features for you.

Features of A Job Portal:

Apart from serving job seekers and recruiters, there are several other job portal design features that every businessperson and developer must know. Here are the features that our experts shortlisted for you.

Homepage Accessories: 

Online hiring website design must include all the accessories of the job at the Homepage. Once a seeker lands on your website, all the requirements, login, sign up, log in, services, CV submission and recruiter page should be visible on the screen in a straightforward way. The Homepage is the first step, and if an applicant would not be able access information quickly, it will be a loss.

Multi-Language Access:

A perfect job portal must have multi-language access if your company is operating worldwide. Whenever an applicant lands on your portal, it should provide a language switching option. It would be beneficial for those who use English as a secondary language thus will help in boosting application response.

Employer Profile Creation:

There should be an option of “Profile Creation” in job portal development, where applicants and employers can build their profiles. With this option, the applicant will easily access all his data and status every time just clicking on his profile. He does not need to check the website and lists to check his status repeatedly.

Search Bar and Filters:

Never underestimate the importance of “Search Bar” in job search website design. Search options must be very efficient and help people search data based on keywords also. It will refine the jobs for applicants. Furthermore, add filters to sort out further data depending on the field and geographical location etc.

Video CV Creation:

Video CV creation is another modern trend in Online Recruitment Portal Website Development. It helps the job seekers to represent their qualifications, background and experience in video messages instead of text CV that is more portable and effective. It also allows the recruiters to understand the communication skill and experience of applicants.

CV Parser:

It is an excellent tool in recruitment portal design that helps the recruiters parse different fields of the CV data into web formats like JSON and XML to better readable by the recruiters. Whenever you prepare the portal, ask the web development company to add this feature to the design specifications.

In-website Communication:

The portal must contain in-website communication to clear the queries and questions of applicants further. It must be in-website communication with some API like We Chat, Messenger, etc. Some multi-national companies have Phone numbers on the website, which sometimes belong to another country. In this case, contact becomes difficult. We are providing software development services for many years and can help you embed APIs efficiently if you need them.

Mobile Support:

Job portal must-have mobile support in the form of App and Web Apps. It makes the access easy for the user every time he wants to go to the website, log in and check his status. He can easily do it via App with just one click on Google Play Store or iPhone App Store. Our application development company can help you build portal to start a job counselling business if you don’t already have in a very reasonable price.

CV Creation option:

Job portals must include a CV creation option on the website. This option must consist of an API to edit the CV description or reason depending on specific job requirements. Furthermore, this CV creation option must include some advanced features like import from a computer, direct upload, import from popular websites, etc.

Job Portal Development Services:

If you are looking for some job portal development services, we will be glad to help you in this regard. Our Software Development Agency is a trademark in job portal development with thousands of job portal designs worldwide. You will observe a great deal of professionalism by working with us and praise our quality.


In this era of internet, the need for online job portals increases. Therefore everyone must be aware of the mandatory features of portal to start a job counselling business. We tried to cover all these features with our years of development experience to make your problem more manageable.

That’s all for today’s article. If you still have any queries about these features, feel free to contact us for any help.

Posted on 04-Mar-2022