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White label Travel Portal Development for Travel Agencies in South Africa

White Label Travel Portal Development For Travel Agencies In South Africa

Every year millions of international tourists visit South Africa. In order tap into this lucrative market a travel agency needs to have an accessible and effective travel portal solution.

Start Your Own Online Travel Business Agency

It is necessary for the website of any online travel business to be able to display real-time information regarding flights and hotels. In order to achieve this websites need to have GDS integration. But it is often difficult to make a website compliant with all the specifications of GDS API suppliers. So the easiest way to start a travel business online is to collaborate with a white label travel portal development company. A white label travel portal is a B2B or B2BC travel website that has flight booking engines and hotel booking engines with GDS API integration already in place. 

The most convenient element of a white label travel portal is that the purchasing travel business does not have to worry about technical development at all. The travel portal development company customizes the white label portal with the business name of the customer and puts in all the services that they have requested. The primary task of the travel business itself becomes to market its brand and draw traffic to its website.

The Best White Label Travel Portal

The undisputed leader in the travel portal development market is Trip Mega Mart. They are a typical white label travel portal development company, with very efficient and effective website plans. Common features of their travel portals are as follows:

1. Every website comes with GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration

2. Reputed API suppliers like Galileo GDS API and Amadeus GDS API are used for travel portal development

3. Add-on features include car rental systems, hotel suppliers list, airline suppliers list, holiday package systems

4. A portal for travel agents can also be added on any travel website or application

5. They are also a travel mobile application development company

Trip Mega Mart Website Development Cost

The websites are priced according to the number of features available. There are different plans at different prices with the number of features going up as the price increases. The average travel portal development cost is very reasonable. A travel website from Trip Mega Mart typically costs around ZAR 20,000. Some special features like the travel agent portals have to be purchased individually. Customers are also charged an annual maintenance fee of 25% (of the initial website cost) for continuity of the API integration service.

There is a lot of scope for growth and profit in the sector of travel portal solutions. Online platforms are now making it possible for travel companies from any part of the globe to access international clientele from all over the world. But this is also a very competitive market and a website is the most important element of an online travel agency’s success. So choose the best white label travel portal development company and set off on a journey towards success.

Posted on 16-Jun-2014

White Label Travel Portal in South Africa