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How to Develop Best Custom Travel Portals that Attract More Customers

How To Develop Best Custom Travel Portals That Attract More Customers


The world is into the digital revolution more the ever now. The travel industry is not far behind. How to start-up online travel business is a question that most of the offline businesses are asking. The process is not very troublesome though. The secret lies in the way you design your website and how responsive you make your site.

A delay in the responsiveness of your Flight & Hotel API integration would mean detraction of your customers. While on the other hand a GDS Integration Service with a good response time is sure to keep your customers browsing through your website if not buy product or a service. Here are the tips to develop a travel portal to attract more customers.

Developing a Custom Portal

To start from scratch, you need to buy yourself a domain first. The domain should be according to the traffic you expect. If you are expecting a huge traffic, then a cloud-based server is advised and for even a small amount of traffic, a 1 GB RAM is suggested.

After you have bought your domain, it is time to design your website. A superior design attracts more customers and keeps them more engaged in your site. It is advised to design from scratch and not use any template provided by the hoisting companies.

Flight & Hotel API integration enabling comes next. This is the part where a dynamic system will save to and non-responsive servers will take your business down. A good Travel Portal Solution company can help you out in the matter. Trip Mega Mart can help you strategize your web development process.

SEO is an integral part and you should see that your search keywords are places correctly so that your customers may find you. Without SEO, your website will not have the desired amount of traffic.

The final task is to advertise yourself on google. This will bring out the remaining potential of your reach.

What to Expect after Portal Development?

After your portal is developed, you can expect:

1.      Good traffic in your site

2.      Increased sales

3.      Reduced Human errors

4.      More earnings on commission

5.      Cost cut in office management

These are some of the prominent advantages that you will see after you turn your business online. If you have developed a Flight & Hotel Central Reservation System for yourself, then you will surely have a low headache in keeping records of who booked where. The system will do everything for you.

The Suitable Travel Portal Development Company

The company suitable for you will be a company that provides a dynamic system for you but at the same point of time, keeps in mind the Travel Website/Portal Development costYou would not want to spend too much on your website and neither will you want to get a non-responsive one.

There are too many Travel Technology Companies out there offering development. How do you know which one will provide you with a dynamic site? It is the experience and the client service that matters. The best Travel Portal Development Company will have both experience and client numbers to prove their worth.

Do watch out for fraudulent companies though, one wrong move and all your investment will go down the drain. There are plenty of companies who want to scam you and get away with it. So trust only companies with vintage and customer records to prove their genuineness.

Trip Mega mart has been in the business for about a decade for now. Serving more than 900 customers, anyone searching for White label Travel Portal Development company cannot ask for more. They can build dynamic websites which respond to any customer query within seconds to retrieve any data from the remote server. Designing a Holiday Package System will never be any easier after you have tried them out.

But the best part is the Travel Website/Portal Development cost. While other development companies may charge up to USD 2400 for the year, Trip Mega Mart charges USD 1000 for the whole year and that include customer support for any glitches you may encounter.

So, start your own website and weave it in your own way to attract your desired customers.

Posted on 29-Jun-2015

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