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Travel Portal Development in Arusha

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This gorgeous Tanzanian city is located at the foothills of Mount Meru which is a volcanic mountain. Arusha acts like a gateway to Mount Kilimanjaro which is Africa’s highest peak and also to the numerous safari destination that are located here. The Serengeti National Park is a nature lovers paradise as it houses wild animals like leopards, giraffes, lions, and rhinoceros.

Start a travel agency in Arusha and reap the benefits that the travel industry has to offer. With the introduction of contemporary technologies, the city of Arusha’s tourism industry has immense potential. Online flights and vacations are reserved.

The popularity of the wildlife safaris that has been growing rampantly, has generated new opportunities for start-up businesses not only in Arusha but also in cities like Dare es Salam, Zanzibar and Dodoma. As the tourism industry continues to expand millions of individuals travel inside or beyond their state each year, and the number is growing.

As a result of all these features business owners can be assured that no matter what white label model they get, their customers will get a one-stop travel planning experience that will keep them coming back for more. Business owner clients can also customize the exact list of features for their portal by paying a little bit extra.

What next? How to start travel business online in Arusha after setting up a travel portal?

Let’s have a look at some of the points to bear in mind before you can start your travel business online in Arusha.

Research your niche

Determine how you are going to make customers visit your travel portal and start making transactions. Research on the services to offer. Understand the type of travelers who would visit Africa and be interested in the wildlife safaris. Create behavioral and motivational profiles of these travelers. Understand the cost to start online travel agency business in Africa.

Establish relationships with suppliers

Now that you have your travel portal from Trip Mega Mart ready, it is time to strike a chord with suppliers. Engage with hotels, restaurants, third-party tour operators, transport aggregators etc. Make deals with them, make partnerships, and create profit sharing agreements.

Ensure legal compliance

Gain accreditation from agencies such as IATA for example. During the accreditation phase, you will gain an understanding of how to start travel agency business in Africa. Check on the legal requirements of operating a travel agency. Depending on the country, whether it is Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, or any other – regulations may differ. Get hold of the right information.

Digital marketing

Establish the online presence of your travel portal. Rest assured, once customers come onto the portal, they would be tempted to start booking tours. Trip Mega Mart can create such appealing sites that create the right impression with travel seekers.

From the Pricing Perspective

A white label travel portal development cost is generally not very high. In case of Trip Mega Mart, their entire white label catalogue is quite affordable. Clients only have to make a small initial investment to purchase the site, then they are almost immediately ready to start marketing their site and earning profits.

After the features and functionality of the site is decided, it is time for designing the interface. At Trip Mega Mart the focus is always on building user-friendly, accessible and intuitive interfaces that will attract a wide variety of customers. But at the same time the overall visual appeal of the site is also given due consideration. Clients can even request changes in the basic design of their white label format. These changes will require a minor extra charge. But basic customizations like adding the business name and branding of the client company, is included within the cost of the general website package.

Now the only task of the business owner is to devise a marketing system for their site. Social media campaigns, traditional advertising, and email marketing are some common methods found useful to drive traffic to a site. The unique visual aesthetic of each Trip Mega Mart site, paired with high speed and responsiveness also helps with building a brand identity and brand loyalty among visitors who come to the site. Gradually the business can build its own customer-base and start making lucrative profits.

Posted on 11-Nov-2019

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