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How B2B Flight booking system helps Travel Agents to increase their travel business

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A B2B flight booking system allows travel agents to integrate their services with other businesses. There are several tours operators that do not have their own flight booking systems. It may not be their core business, or they do not specialize in it. Such businesses can use a B2B flight booking system of a travel agency to fulfill their booking and reservation needs.

A B2B flight booking system can be made available by a travel agency to travel agents. The travel agents logon to the system and make their bookings on behalf of their customers or for their customers. The approved travel agents will be allowed to manage their individual accounts. The accounts could be independent travel agent accounts or company accounts.

While using the B2B booking system, transaction charges and fees for using the booking system is borne by the travel agents. A commission, in the form of a booking fee is given to the travel agency that operates this system. The system can have GDS, XML & API flight & hotel Integration as well. Travel agencies can use Trip Mega Mart travel technology company portal and travel solution development to build them such solutions.

What kind of features can a B2B flight booking system have?

A travel agency can have innumerable features on its B2B travel services system, and it is not restricted to flight bookings alone. The following are some of these features.

Book/buy travel products

The B2B flight booking system should allow travel agents to search for and book travel products. Examples of travel products are tours packages, cruise packages, accommodations, wildlife safaris, discounts on flights, travel cards, travel merchandize etc. This flight booking Engine feature will allow users to manage their purchases or bookings. They can modify their bookings or purchases, cancel it, or issue return requests. Such full-fledged features allow end-users to get the complete experience that is similar to that of an Ecommerce site.

Connect partners, suppliers, and consolidators

Tour operators, customers, partners, suppliers, and travel agents can coordinate and collaborate on the platform. This is one of the ways to start online travel business agency – using Trip Mega Mart solutions. By building a collaboration based platform, an increase in business prospects is expected.

The B2B flight booking system can be used by any or all or a combination of them. It can have flight & hotel API integration built by Trip Mega Mart. It can be leveraged by those wishing to start travel agency online or start travel business online or established travel agencies to fulfill complex travel and tour requirements. This approach provides better scalability of travel processes. All parties involved in a travel and tour lifecycle are able to transparently combine their services for travelers.

Inventory management

Travel agents, airline suppliers or hotel suppliers can use Trip Mega Mart B2B flight booking system as a medium to share details of their travel products. Travelers who are interested in these travel products can purchase them via the site. This is one of the ways travel agents increase their revenues. And it is one of the ways how to get develop a website. Travel agents also have access to an inventory of travel services. The B2B flight booking system can make available this constantly updated inventory. So that travel agents can search for services in this inventory and make their bookings.

Multiple services

The B2B travel portal or B2B flight booking system built by Trip Mega Mart White label Travel Portal Development company can have modules for multiple services. There can be bus booking module, flight booking, car rental module, holiday reservation, and tours modules. The multiple services of the portal can be managed using admin panels and multi-level travel agent management system. There can be multiple roles within the system, along with the regular master role – which is the administrator role. Various types of roles can be created by the administrator and each role can have assigned privileges.


Data analysis is an important activity for travel companies. A B2B portal can have this feature. Using the reporting feature, travel agencies can analyze trends. The patterns in the data help them identify any upcoming needs. Using these insights, it can be determined how much inventory to maintain. It helps to form an analysis on the type of travel resources to provision. Numerous business decisions, including business continuity activities, backup plans, and issues concerning upgradation of technological infrastructure can be taken.


Using the services of Trip Mega Mart travel portal development company, a travel agency can build a B2B flight booking system. This type of travel portal solution can be standalone or be a module of a larger system. The reasons to create B2B & B2C Travel website/portal are strong considering the opportunities for travel agents to increase their revenues by expanding their footprint.

Posted on 05-Apr-2022

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